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Infinity over zero is undefined, or complex infinity depending on numbers you are including in your number system.

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Q: What is the limit of infinity over zero?
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How much is x over infinity?

X over infinity does not exist but you can predict what it would be as you approach infinity, the limit, so to speak. It should be zero, if it does approach a number.

How many zero's are in the number infinity?

infinite means no limit.

Can you use L'hopital's rule for functions?

Yes. The rule is used to find the limit of functions which are an indeterminate form; that is, the limit would involve either 0/0, infinity/infinity, 0 x infinity, 1 to the power of infinity, zero or infinity to the power of zero, or infinity minus infinity. So while it is not used on all functions, it is used for many.

Can infinity be a limit?

No, because infinity has no limit.

What is zero to the fourth power?

Zero to any non-zero real number power is equal to zero. Unless a function evaluates to 'zero to the infinity power' then you must take limits to determine what the limit evaluates to. Zero to the zero power is undefined, but you can take a limit of the underlying function to determine if the limit exists.

What is infinity multiplied by zero?

Infinity multiplied by zero results in zero. This is equivalent to writing zero an infinite number of times and then adding them together. No matter how many zeroes you add together the result will always be zero.

Why the number 0 has no reciprocal?

Division by zero is not allowed/defined. So you cannot take 'one over zero', or have zero in the denominator.Without going too technical, a person might say that 1/0 is infinity, and it sounds good. But if you have a function [say f(x) = 1/x] and take the limit of f(x) as x approaches zero, then f(x) approaches infinity as x approaches from the right, but it approaches negative infinity as you approach from the left, therefore the limit does not exist.

What is the slope of a vertical line or division by zero?

The slopes of vertical lines and the results of divisions by 0 do not exist because there are multiple answers. A line that is vertical can have a slope of infinity or negative infinity. Same with division by zero. Picture the graph 1/x. As the graph approaches zero from the left, it goes toward negative infinity, then jumps to positive infinity. There are two answers, and neither of them are real numbers. The limits do exist though. The limit of 1/x as x approaches zero from the left is negative infinity. and the limit as it approaches the right is positive infinity.

How many zero does infinity have?


Is infinity zero?

Infinity cannot, by definition, be a defined number such as zero.

When was Zero to Infinity created?

Zero to Infinity was created in 1999-09.

How you use limit in your daily life?

TIME goes to infinity so that LIFE goes to zero. Rafaqat khan

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