Is a parallellagram a polygon

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Yes a parallelogram is a polygon.

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Q: Is a parallellagram a polygon
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Shapes that starts with p?

polygon pentagon parallellagram pyramid

Is a cube a parallellagram?

No. A cube is a 3-dimensional shape whereas a parallelogram (not parallellagram!) is 2-dimensional.

How do usr parallellagram in a sentence?

A rhombus is a type of parallelogram.

How many degrees are in a parallellagram?

None. However, the parallelogram has four interior angleswhose measurements total to 360 degrees.

What is a polygon with equal sides and angles is a what polygon?

it seems to me that the only polygon of your description is a square

Types of polygons?

A type of polygon is a rhombusial polygon, trysectalnict polygon, and a equilateral polygon.

Is a traingle a regular polygon or a polygon?

A triangle (not traingle) is a polygon. It can be a regular polygon but need not be.

Is and arrow a polygon?

an arrow is or isn't a polygon?

Polygon A is a square. Polygon B has 4 more sides than polygon A. What type of polygon is B?

Polygon B is an octagon.

What is another name for equiangular polygon?

Regular polygon Equilateral polygon Polygon with rotational symmetry

What is a eqaulateral Polygon?

An equilateral polygon is a polygon where the length of all the sides of the polygon are the same length.

Whats the definition of a irregular polygon?

The definition of a irregular polygon is any polygon that is not a regular polygon.