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Q: Is a pentagon a perpendicular or a parallel line?
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What is a pentagon and a rhombus perpendicular lines and parallel?

A pentagon can have 0, 1 or 2 pairs of parallel lines. It can have 0 to 4 lines perpendicular to an adjacent line. A rhombus must have two pairs of parallel lines and none of them may be perpendicular to any other.

Does a pentagon have parallel and perpendicular lines?

A regular pentagon does not. An irregular pentagon can.

Does a pentagon have perpendicular line?

yes they do. they have a perpendicular line. * * * * * No, a pentagon, as in a regular polygon does not have perpendicular lines. An irregular pentagon could, and you can always add perpendicular lines to any shape.

Can you draw a pentagon with parallel and perpendicular sides?

---- == == ---- == == ---- == == ---- == == Yes.

Does a pentagon have parallel or perpendicular sides?

Not as a regular 5 sided pentagon but quite possible as an irregular pentagon.

Is a pentagon a perpendicular line?

No, a pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides.

Is a pentagon perpendicular?

No, a pentagon is not perpendicular. The word perpendicular describes two lines (or line segments) that meet at a 90o angle.

What is the difference between parallel and perpendicular line on rectangle?

The difference between a perpendicular line and a parallel line is that a perpendicular line crosses or joins, while a parallel line doesn't touch at all.

Does a pentagon always have perpindicular line segements?

No. A regular pentagon has no perpendicular line segments

What does a pentagon with perpendicular and parallel sides look like?

home plate

What is not a characteristic of of a perpendicular bisector?

is parallel-apex

If one of two parallel lines is perpendicular to another line is the other of the two lines parallel to the third line?

since one parallel lines is perpendicular to another line, the other parallel line is perpendicular to the line as well. so the two would not be parallel, only the original two.