Is a rhombos always square

Updated: 8/21/2019
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No because a rhombus has different properties than a square but they are both 4 equal sided quadrilaterals.

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Q: Is a rhombos always square
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What is the difference between rhombos and a square?

A square is a rhombus that has a right angle in it.

What are four different quadrilaterals?

The four different quadrilaterals are square, rectangle, rhombos, and parrellelogram

Is a squashed square a Rhombos?

yes I'm sure as a parallelogram is a squashed rectangle. Hope I'm right!

Is a rhombos sometimes a polygon?

A rhombus is always a polygon belonging to the class of 4 sided polygons known as quadrilaterals

What is a quadrilateral with all sides congruent is a?

It's definitely a parallelogram, and also definitely a rhombus. And if one of its angles happens to be 90 degrees, then it's also a square.

What is a rhombos?

deh losers a shape

What is half a sphere shape called?

half-sphere hemisphere

What does a rhombos look like?

__ \__\ Assume that all sides are equal and opposite angles are congruent.

Is a square always a parallogram?

square always a parallelogram

How do you explain why a square is always symmetric?

explain why a square i always symetric

Why a square is always a rhombus but a rhombus is not always a square?

I hope this helps

Is a square always a rhobus?

A square IS always a special kind of rhombus.