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A rhombus is always a polygon belonging to the class of 4 sided polygons known as quadrilaterals

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Q: Is a rhombos sometimes a polygon?
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What is a rhombos?

deh losers a shape

How can a circle be a polygon?

A circle can be a polygon. Sometimes a circle can be a polygon that has infinite number of sides.

Is a circle a non polygon?

A circle is NOT a polygon, because a polygon is composed of straight line segments, and a polygon DOES NOT have rounded sides. BUT! I read this on the internet, that SOMETIMES a circle is considered a polygon with infinite number of sides.

What is another name for a quadrilateral?

polygon, sometimes a parallelogram

Why is a rectangle sometimes a regular polygon?

it is not a line segment

What polygon has 7sides?

A heptagon sometimes called a septagon.

Is a polygon a rectangle always sometimes or never?

A rectangle is always a 4 sided polygon known as a quadrilateral.

What is half a sphere shape called?

half-sphere hemisphere

Is a pentagon a regular polygon sometimes always or never?

All polygons can be irregular sense the requirements for a polygon to be irregular is for 1 or more sides to be unequal to the others. So a pentagon is sometimes a regular polygon. Hope that answers your question.

What is the name for a 17 sided polygon?

A 17 sided polygon is called a heptadecagon. It is also sometimes referred to as a heptakaidecagon

If the measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon is 140 how many sides does the polygon have?

If the measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon is 140o, the polygon is a nonagon (sometimes called an ennagon) having 9 sides.

Is a Polygon a quadrilateral always sometimes or never?

A polygon is a closed figure with 3 or more sides/angles, and the lines must always be straight. A circle isn't a polygon. Quadrilaterals are always polygons but polygons are not always quadrilaterals. So the answer is "sometimes."

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