Is a semicircle a polygon

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: Is a semicircle a polygon
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Is a semicircle a convex polygon?

It is convex if you look at it from the inside but it is not any kind of polygon.

State a definition for a polygon inscribed in a sphere?

Inscribed polygon: a polygon contained within a circle, with each side being a chord of a circle.Chord: end points connected to an arc or a semicircle, forming a segment that lies in the interior of a circle.

Is a semicircle a quadrilateral?

No, a semicircle is not a quadrilateral

Is rainbow a semicircle or a circle?


What are characteristics of non-polygons?

A polygon is usually defined as a plane figure bounded by straight line segments. Any figure which does not correspond to this definition would be a non-polygon. For example, triangles, rectangles, squares, and even star shapes are called polygons. A circle, semicircle or oval is not a polygon. The have curved boundaries.

Is there a shape made up of segments that is not a polygon?

A circle, semicircle, segments or sectors of circle, ellipse, segments or sectors of ellipses, cardiods, closed convex wriggly shapes.

What is the possessive of semicircle?

The possessive form is semicircle's.

How do you calculate the radius of s semicircle?

Calculating the radius of a semicircle depends on what information about the semicircle is given.

What is the polygon number of sides?

'Poly' simply means 'many' or 'multiple', so a polygon is just a shape with any number of sides. Unlike hexagons ('hex'=6) or pentagons ('penta'=5), polygon is just a blanket word for any multi-sided shape. Squares and triangles and rhombuses and semicircles are all polygons. * * * * * Nearly correct. The sides of a polygon must be straight lines so a semicircle is NOT a polygon.

What is the semicircle of a circle?

A semicircle means a half circle.

What equals the degrees of a semicircle?

A semicircle has 180 degrees

How many syllables does semicircle have?

Semicircle has four syllables.