Is rainbow a semicircle or a circle?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Is rainbow a semicircle or a circle?
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Why is a rainbow a perfect semicircle?

A rainbow is a circle if viewed from the air, and it is sometimes not even that, if it is faint enough

Is a rainbow a bow or a circle?

A rainbow is a circle. What we see from almost any point on earth is a semicircle, or just a part of the rainbow. We can only see it from horizon to horizon, or just an arc of the whole rainbow. Occasionally we can see a full circle of a rainbow in the sky surrounding the sun, and sometimes multiple ones.

What is the semicircle of a circle?

A semicircle means a half circle.

Why are rainbow made or see samicircle?

A rainbow results from sunlight passing thru raindrops that results in a prism effect that makes a complete circle. You only see a semicircle because of the horizon, but from an air plane you would see the full circle

A simicircle is what of a circle?

Semicircle is HALF of a circle!

Why the rainbow is always a semicircle?

becaz the critical angle of rainbow is so large......

What is semicircle?

Half of A circle

What is the half of a circle?


What is the opposite for a semicircle?

A circle

If the base of a semicircle is a feet What is its perimeter?

The circumference of a circle = 2π r = π a (where a is the base of the semicircle and is also the diameter of the circle) The perimeter of the semicircle = half the perimeter of the circle + the base length The perimeter of the semicircle = πa/2 + a = a(1 + π /2) feet

What a 'semicircle'?

It is a half a circle STUPID!!!!!

Hemisphere is to sphere as what is to circle?

A semicircle.