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Apsolotely not it is far away from ever being one unless you mechcanicaly pulled both ends of it and streched it out. Dr. Joseph Blue No!

Polygon is closed plane figure made up of 3 or more line segments.

Sphere is a three-dimensional figure with all points in space at an equaldistance from a fixed point.

The fixed point is called as center of the sphere.

So, a polygon is a two-dimensional figure and a sphere is a three-dimensional shape.

Hence, a sphere is not a polygon.


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Q: Is a sphere a polygon
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What a figure is not a polygon?

A sphere as a polygon is a shape with three or more sides and a sphere has no sides

What is a figure that is not a polygon?

a sphere. It has no sides.

What is the name of a polygon with 0 sides?

There is no name because such a polygon does not exist. A polygon must have at least three sides.

Explain why the shape of a football is not a polygon?

It has a curved surface.

Is cube a polygon?

Cube is a 3 Dimentional object and polygon is a 2 Dimentional object, so cube can not be considered as polygon. this is same question if circle is a sphere? (dimensional)

What is the polygon sum conjecture on a sphere?

The sum of the measure of the n interior angles of an n-gon is asn/4

In a tessalation how many degrees are there when the polygon verticies meet?

360 * unless you are working on the surface of a sphere. OK Ok we live on a sphere but we usually ignore that fact. Correction....oblate spheroid And that is tessellation.

Make a generalization for each set of polygons?

Polygons are unbounded because they close on themselves in a circuit. An infinite polygon goes on forever, making it unbounded. A skew polygon has three dimensions of zig-zagging and a spherical polygon, on the sphere surface, is a circuit of corners and sides.

Can you make a closed figure with 2 lines?

On a sphere, two great circles will form a biangle, a polygon with two sides.

What is figure whose angles add to108 degrees?

A triangle (or other polygon) on a concave surface (such as the inside of a sphere), possibly.

What is a solid figure with one face that is a polygon?

A polygon is a many sided 2-dimensional figure, and thus could never be "solid" Alternatively, it could be "one face that is a polygon". In that case the solid could be like a pyramid that morphs into a cone or a part-sphere. The base would be the one polygon, the other face would not.

What is the minimum number of sides of a polygon?

Two straight lines cannot enclose a space - therefore three lines is the minimum requirement for a polygon. I would like to note that a digon is a polygon and it has 2 sides. Therefore, the minimum is 2. However, some people call a digon an improper polygon since it contradicts the definition of polygon. A digon can only be made on a sphere, so the answer is never truly correct.

What shapes have the smallest surface area per volumn?

The fewer the number of sides that a polygon has, the higher the surface area to volume ratio. This increases until the polygon has an infinite number of sides, or has become a perfect sphere, when the ratio is the smallest.

State a definition for a polygon inscribed in a sphere?

Inscribed polygon: a polygon contained within a circle, with each side being a chord of a circle.Chord: end points connected to an arc or a semicircle, forming a segment that lies in the interior of a circle.

What are special figures of geometry?

There are many special figures in geometry and some of them are pyramid, cone, cylinder, sphere, circle, prism, polygon, polyhedron ..... etc

What shape has 0 vertices's 0 edges and 1 face?

I believe that the only polyhedron or polygon that own all of these features to be a sphere

Why is there no such thing as 2 sided polygons?

actually, there is, depending on your definition of polygon, and your definition of a line segment. A line segment is the shortest path btwn two points, right? So take a sphere and pick any two points on that sphere. The shortest path between them on the surface of the sphere would be a "curve" along the surface, but it's the shortest path between the points, so it technally is a line segment. Take two of these line segments that intersect at two points, and there is your two sided polygon!

Does a sphere have an edge?

No, a sphere is like a circle. A circle is a closed figure that is not a polygon. Also another definition it is a shape with all points the same distance from the origin (center). Remember if it had any edges you would have seen the they are sharp looking rectangles and other polygons have edges.

What is the list of colors that end with sphere?

The list of colours that end with sphere (the same with geometric shapes, animal shapes, plant shapes, balloons, etc.) are: Red sphere Black sphere Blue sphere Yellow sphere Pink sphere Silver sphere Green sphere Purple sphere Orange sphere Crimson sphere Navy sphere White sphere Gold sphere Teal sphere Brown sphere Indigo sphere Saffron sphere Amethyst sphere Vermilion sphere Chartreuse sphere Magenta sphere Viridian sphere Burgundy sphere Powder blue sphere Scarlet sphere Cyan sphere Azure sphere Lavender sphere Gray sphere Beige sphere Cerulean sphere Slate sphere Cobalt sphere Gunmetal sphere Copper sphere Bronze sphere Khaki sphere Citrine sphere Maroon sphere Olive sphere Peach sphere Cream sphere Sangria sphere Plum sphere Emerald sphere Cerise sphere Mauve sphere Moccasin sphere Aquamarine sphere Pearl sphere Turquoise sphere Platinum sphere Tan sphere Bittersweet sphere Periwinkle sphere Sapphire sphere Fuchsia sphere Dark green sphere Mahogany sphere Sea green sphere Claret sphere Lime sphere Amber sphere Ecru sphere Taupe sphere Tawny sphere Lilac sphere Ochre sphere Sepia sphere Celadon sphere Rust sphere Orchid sphere Ash gray sphere Steel blue sphere Sky blue sphere Burnt orange sphere Brick red sphere Caramel sphere Marigold sphere Burnt sienna sphere Verdigris sphere Indochine sphere Carmine sphere Linen sphere Goldenrod sphere Butterscotch sphere Dark gray sphere Harlequin green sphere Amaranth sphere Ultramarine sphere Royal blue sphere Garnet sphere Ebony sphere Ivory sphere Thistle sphere Jade green sphere Auburn sphere Sienna sphere Umber sphere Cadet blue sphere Dark brown sphere Orange peel sphere Salmon sphere Wisteria sphere Persimmon sphere Apricot sphere Brass sphere Ruby sphere Mint sphere Forest green sphere Aubergine sphere Hazel sphere Topaz sphere Bisque sphere Spring green sphere Rainbow sphere

How many planes face in sphere?

A sphere has no plane surface. But if we consider a infinitesimal small surface of sphere then we have a plane surface and this way we have infinite planes on the sphere. Let us take the example of earth: earth is a large sphere and to human beings, so small as compared to earth, earth looks like a plane surface which is actually not reality. The same case is with the circle, circle is a closed figure which has no sides but in other way it can be considered as a polygon of infinite sides.

What solid shape has no face?

Since a sphere is round it is a shape without a face.

Types of polygons?

A type of polygon is a rhombusial polygon, trysectalnict polygon, and a equilateral polygon.

Is a traingle a regular polygon or a polygon?

A triangle (not traingle) is a polygon. It can be a regular polygon but need not be.

Polygon A is a square. Polygon B has 4 more sides than polygon A. What type of polygon is B?

Polygon B is an octagon.

What does the exterior angle sum up to on a eight sided polygon?

The exterior angles of any polygon add up to 360 degrees, regards of the number of sides. I'm thinking integers >2 -- if there is a way to make a polygon with negative, fractional, irrational, imaginary sides, then maybe that doesn't add up to 360. I'm also assuming Euclidian geometry -- on a sphere, for example, it wouldn't be 360.

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