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a triangle is not regular

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Q: Is a triangle regular or not regular?
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Will a regular isosceles triangle tessellate?

There is no such thing as a regular isosceles triangle. The only regular triangle is an equilateral triangle. Having said that, any triangle will produce regular tessellation.

Draw a triangle that is not a regular triangle?

If by regular, you're referring to a regular polygon which has all sides equal length, and all angles equal, then an equilateral triangle is a regular triangle. If you draw a scalene triangle or an isosceles triangle then it will not be equilateral.

Is a scalene triangle a regular or a irregular triangle?

A scalene triangle is irregular. Only an equilateral triangle is regular.

What do you call a regular triangle?

A regular triangle is a equalateral triangle. A regular triangle is one for which all sides are congruent and all interior angles ---- are congruent ---- ---- ---- ----

Is a traingle is regular or not regular?

Only when its an equilateral triangle then it is a regular polygon

Are all triangles regular?

A triangle is only a regular triangle in the form of an equilateral triangle

Is a triangle a regular polygon?

A triangle may or may not be a regular polygon. Let's look into things.First, a triangle is a polygon. All triangles are polygons. To be a regular polygon, the polygon must have equal sides. If the triangle has sides of equal length, then that triangle is an equilateral triangle and a regular polygon. If the triangle doesn't have sides of equal length, then it isn't a regular polygon. But in any case, the triangle is a polygon.

Is a triangle a regular polygon or just a polygon?

A triangle in general is just a polygon. An equilateral triangle is a regular polygon.

Which of these two regular polygons has the largest exterior angle heptagon triangle?

It is the regular triangle whose exterior angles are greater than the regular heptagon

Is an equilateral triangle a regular triangle?

Yes it is

What is a regular figure for a triangle?

An equilateral triangle

How many equal sides are there in a regular triangle?

a regular or scalene triangle has no equal sides