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A radius of a regular triangle is 12 . find the length of one side of the triangle?

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Q: A radius of a regular triangle is 12 Find the length of one side of the triangle?
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How do you find the formula for are of triangle?

the formula for the arc of a triangle is the arc length is equal to the angle times the radius. s=arc length theta=angle made y length of the arc lenth r=radius s=theta times radius

How do you find the measure of an arc knowing only the chord of arc and radius?

you have a triangle formed by the radius on 2 and the chord on the other. the angle in that triangle that is opposite the chord, find its measure in radians take that measure (in radians) and multiply it by the radius to get the arc length

How do you find the radius of a triangle?

triangles don't have radius'

What is the radius of a circle that has a right angle triangle located on its entire diameter with legs of 6 and 8 cm?

The diameter of the circle will also be the triangle's hypotenuse so use Pythagoras theorem to find the hypotenuse's length and half the length which will result as a radius of 5 cm.

Find the length of the radius of a regular quadrilateral with a perimeter of 16 cm?

A "regular quadrilateral" is a square. The word "radius" isn't used for squares (or polygons in general). To get the length of a side, divide the perimeter by 4. To get the diagonal of a square, multiply the length of a side by the square root of 2.

How do you find the area of a hexagon without a side length?

To find the area of a Regular hexagon with side length (x) you need:1. The "radius" of the hexagon. (Just the length from the center to the outside edge.)2. The apothem. (which is only just half of the height of the base.)**If you don't have one or both of these you can't do it.**Steps:1. Make a triangle of the apothem (used as a) and the radius. (r)2. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find 1 half of the side length.3. Multiply the actual side length by 6.4. Multiply that by a.5. The area is your answer.

How do you find arc length when given radius and chord?

You can use the cosine rule and the three lengths of the triangle to find the central angle X, (in radians). Then the length of the arc is r*X units.

How do you find the area of a square using the radius and the apothem?

For a SQUARE, the area is (2r)2 because the length and width are the same. The apothem (radius) is used to find the area of other regular polygons.

What is the area of a regular pentagon with a side length of ten units?

A regular pentagon has five (5) equilateral triangles within it. Find the area of each triangle (1/2bh where b is the base of the triangle or the length of a side of the pentagon, and h is the height of the triangle or the apothem of the pentagon) and multiply the area of the triangle times five (5).

How do you find radius of curvature if focal length is given?

radius of curvature = 2Focal length

How do you find the ratio of the perimeters and areas?

There is no simple answer. For an equilateral triangle it is 6.9282/s where s is the length of each side. For a square it is 4/s A regular pentagon: 2.9062/s A regular hexagon: 2.3094/s and so on. The ratio for a circle is 2/r where r is the radius. For irregular polygons there is no rule.

How do you Find Arc Length of Segment from Chord Length and Radius?

multiply the chord length and radius and divide by 2