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Q: Is area adding or multiplication?
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How do you identify multiplication from division?

Because multiplication is adding and divison is subtracting

How does adding partial products help solve multiplication problem?

How does adding partial products help solve a multiplication problem

Why do you use multiplication?

so you don't repeat adding

How is multiplication and addition different?

Multiplication is repeated adding. Addition is a number with another number combined for a total.

What are the basic methods in math?

adding, subtracting ,multiplication, divisision

What are the arithmetical operations in a computer?


What is definition of adding a number to itself multiple times?


Why you multiply l by b for calculating the area of rectangle?

You calcualte the area of a rectangle by multiplication as this finds the interior or area inside the rectangle. Calculating perimeter consists of adding the four lengths of the rectangle to find the border length.

What combines multiplication and addition by multiplying each addend by the number and adding the products?

The distributive property of multiplication over addition.

Is a product what you get after adding?

No, a product is the result from multiplication. A sum is the result of addition.

What does how much means to add or subtract?


Is area multiplication?

Yes it is!

I am operations that undo each other like multiplication and division?

There is one operation like multiplication and division. Adding and subtraction is the same.

Should the multiplication sign be used when adding 235 and 987?

If you are adding, you would use the plus sign: 235 + 987

How is multiplication defined in arithmetic?

Multiplication is a magnified increase in quantity by adding one quantity by itself a specified number of times. It is indicated by the times symbol (*). The result of multiplication is known as the product.

How can knowing that multiplication is repeated addition and division is repeated subtraction help you understand that multiplication and division are related?

the whole reason is this: multiplication is adding to that number in groups and division is subtracting from a number in groups.

Why do you need the lowest common denominator for adding but not multiplying fractions?

This follows from the way in which addition and multiplication are defined. Addition requires like terms, multiplication does not. Incidentally, "like terms" are also required for adding algebraic terms but not for multiplying.

How does adding partial products help you solve multiplication problem?

because if you don't you will get the wrong answer

Is zero the identity number for multiplication?

No. Zero is the identity element of addition. One is the identity element of multiplication. That means that adding zero, or multiplying by one, doesn't change the number.

What is a calculor?

An expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines). Main keys are adding subtracting multiplication and dividing.

Does order of operations always occur?

yes BIMDAS Brackets Indicies Multiplication Division Adding Subtraction

What are the rules for adding multiply divide and subtracting intengers?

Parentheses, exponents, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction.

How do you know that a multiplication fact is correct?

There are a few ways to determine if a multiplication fact is correct:Repeated addition: since multiplication is simply repeated addition at its base, you can reaffirm a multiplication fact by repeatedly adding the number you're multiplying. With the basic multiplication facts (i.e. times tables), this is possibly the best option.Division: Since it's simply the reverse of multiplication, then you can just reverse the process to confirm it.Using multiple methods: There are multiple ways to do multiplication than just the usual long multiplication done in school, such as lattice multiplication, and Ayurvedic multiplication (just to name the two I know). You can use these to confirm a multiplication.

Do the words more than sometimes suggest the operation of multiplication?

Yesthe words more than do sometimes suggest the operation of multiplication. Also the words more than suggest the operation of adding.

How does adding partial products help you solve a multiplication problem?

It can help you solve the problem more easily to get the exact answer.