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Q: Is broiling the top or bottom element?
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What element is found at the bottom of a ladder of abstraction?


What is an explaination of broiling meat?

Searing meat from the top.

How do you top-broil?

You would top-broil in a stoves broiling drawer if it has a flame or electric heating unit above it. You can also use an electric toaster/oven/broiler with a broil setting for an overhead heating element.

Where is the broiler on an oven located?

The broiling part of an oven is called the element, and it is located at the top of the oven. Be sure to leave the oven door open when using the broiler and put the oven rack up very close to the burner. The meat should be about 2 in from the heat source. DO NOT LEAVE the oven while broiling.

How do element's groups run and how do element's periods run?

groups run top to bottom periods run left to right

Why nucleus not attract the atom from top to bottom in a periodic table?

As we move from top to bottom, number of shells increases and nuclear attraction decreases. Hence nucleus is not able to attract the element at bottom.

Which SmartArt graphic shows relative relationships with the largest element at the top or bottom?


What is the difference between a saucepan and a pot?

the differnence between broiling and grilling is broiling is done in an oven and the heat is veryintense and direct and only cooks the top part of the food. when you grill you are using a falme from a bottom heat source and it will cook food a little more evenly. thanks for asking

Does morphy Richards mr 28 r ss otg has top and bottom element?

siva vats

How does the state of matter of halogens change as you move from top to bottom on the element table?

it goes from gas to solid

Why is The heating element in a kettle is at the bottom explain why this is best place?

If the heating element was at the top and the kettle was not full, then you would not be able to heat water because the element would not be in the water. Thus the only place for the element is at the bottom. However, hot water is also less heavy than cold water, this means that heated water rises to the top and having the element at the bottom means that the water being heated is circulated and this is more efficient.

How do you figure the shorthand notation of an element?

The atomic number of the element is the subscript (bottom number) and the mass number is the superscript (top number); and both those numbers are written to the left of the element symbol.