Is data related to decimal

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No, data is information and decimal is a fraction out of a power of ten.

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Q: Is data related to decimal
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How is ratio related to decimal?

A decimal is simply way of representing a ratio.

How is a decimal and percent related?

The decimal and percent forms of numbers are related by moving the decimal point two places to the left to convert a percent into decimal form. i.e.: 10.00% = .10 00

What is a characteristic of a decimal?

It is related to ten.

What is a group of related data?

data series

Is it true that The Increase Decimal button automatically adds dollar signs and two decimal places to your data?


Given a set of data how do you determine the decimal equivalent of specific data related to the whole?

I'm not sure if I totally understand your question, but this is how I see it. It is probably easiest to give an example. Consider the data set: 1, 3, 3, 4, 6, 8, 8, 9. Find the sum of the data: 42 Then if you want to know the decimal equivalent of a specific data point, you divide that amount by the sum. eg. Take the data point 3. Then 3÷42= 0.0714 (to 4 dp) Or the data point 9. 9÷42= 0.2142

A collection of related data points is a .?

data series

What is a group of related data points?

data series

How are a hypothesis and data related?

The hypothesis and the Data are related because the hypothesis is what you think is going to happen, and if you're right, then that becomes the data

When you use decimal which type of data is it?

Decimal numbers are real numbers. In C and C++ we use the float, double and long double data types to represent real numbers.

How many decimal places are added to the data in a Microsoft Excel?

You can choose how many you want. The standard settings have no decimal places or two decimal places.

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