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No, it is not.

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Q: Is every terminating decimal an integer?
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What is a terminating decimal that is not an integer?

0.5 is a terminating decimal and, since it is equal to a half, it is not an integer. A terminating decimal that is not an integer is a rational fraction. However, not all rational fractions are terminating decimals (eg 1/3 = 0.333...).0.1251.2512.5etc.

Is a terminating decimal an integer?

No. An integer has NO digits (or NO nonzero digits) after the decimal point.

Is 4.7 called an integer?

NO. It is a terminating decimal.

What do you call a decimal that ends with no remainder?

A decimal without a remainder is a whole number or integer.

Is 49 a terminating decimal?

Yes, it is, as well as being an integer.

Is 13 equivalent to a terminating decimal?

Yes, because it is an integer.

Is 311 a terminating decimal?

Yes, but more than that, it is an integer.

Who of the following cannot be written as a fraction an integer a terminating decimal a repeating decimal and a non-terminating non repeating decimal?

The latter which would be an irrational number that cannot be expressed as a fraction.

Does the sum of a repeating decimal and a terminating decimal equal a terminating decimal?

No, the sum of a repeating decimal and a terminating decimal is never a terminating decimal.

Can a non-terminating decimal be a non-repeating decimal?

Yes. Every irrational number has a non-terminating, non-repeating decimal representation.

Is 0.875 a terminating or a repeating decimal?

0.875 is a terminating decimal and as a fraction it is 7/8

Is 0.25 a terminating decimal or non terminating decimal?


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