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The latter which would be an irrational number that cannot be expressed as a fraction.

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Q: Who of the following cannot be written as a fraction an integer a terminating decimal a repeating decimal and a non-terminating non repeating decimal?
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What is a non-terminating number?

A nonterminating number does not end. An example is the fraction 1/3. When written as a decimal, it is a nonterminating number. Also pi is a nonterminating number. Some nonterminating numbers are repeating, some are nonrepeating. But they just don't end.

Is 0.875 a terminating or a repeating decimal?

0.875 is a terminating decimal and as a fraction it is 7/8

Is the fraction 13 a terminating or repeating decimal?

It is a repeating decimal.

How do you determine whether you can write a given decimal as a fraction?

If the decimal is terminating or repeating then it can be written as a fraction. Decimal representations which are non-terminating and non-repeating cannot be expressed as a fraction.

How do you cover a negative fraction into a terminating decimal?

A negative fraction need not be a terminating decimal. For example, -2/3 = -0.66... (repeating).

Can a fraction be written as a nonterminating decimal?

A fraction which, in its simplest form, has a denominator which contains a prime factor other than 2 or 5 will be a non-terminating decimal. However, you cannot actually write such a fraction because you would never get to the end.

How can you tell if a fraction is repeating or terminating?

For repeting it while repeat the same number over and over And for terminating it is such the oppisite

What is a terminating fraction?

To sum this answer up you half to turn the fraction into a decimal and if it ends that is terminating but if it keeps going it is called a repeating decimal EXAMPLES Terminating- 5/10=.5 Repeating- 1/3=.3333 (bar notation over the 3)

How are terminating decimals and repeating decimal reflected in fractions?

If a fraction, in its simplest form has a denominator whose only prime factors are 2 or 5, then the fraction is terminating. If the denominator has any other prime factor then the decimal is repeating.

Can every rational fraction be written as a repeating decimal?

Any rational number is either a repeating decimal, or a terminating decimal.

What causes the difference in terminating decimals and repeating decimals?

If a fraction is a rational number then if the denominator goes into the numerator or into the numerator multiplied by a power of 10, then you will have a terminating decimal. Otherwise it will be a repeating decimal.

What is 1.0101010101010101 in a fraction?

It's 10,101,010,101,010,101/10,000,000,000,000,000 .If the decimal had been repeating, non-terminating,then the fraction would be 100/99 .

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