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I'll bite: False. Four is four-fifths of five.

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Q: Is four half of five
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Related questions

When is four half 0f five?

FIVE ... Notice the IV in the middle of five ... IV = 4 in roman numerals and 2 letters(IV) is half of four letters(FIVE).

Is 405 is half past four or five minutes after four?

Five minutes after.

What is four half of five?

Four is half of five (brain-teaser) f IV e, IV = 4 in roman numerals; IV is half of the letters of FIVE.

When is four half of five?

When does 1+1-1+1= or like this four is half of five cechin IV NO answer I 1/2 V

What is four and half of five?


How can half of five be four?

it can't actually. half of 5 is 2.5

What is four and a half divided by five and three sixth?

Expressed in lowest terms, four and a half divided by five and three sixths = 9/11

What is four and five tenths in simplest form?

Four and one half

How do you right 4.5 in word form?

Four point five Four and a half Four and five tenths

What is the half-life of CO in a normal room?

The half-life of CO in normal room air is four to five hours. This means that, in four to five hours, half of the CO bound to hemoglobin will be replaced with oxygen.

How many quarts of oil for a 2003 Buick century?

four and a half to five, but I would put in four and a half and check it.

How do you write 4.5 in word form?

Four point five, or four and a half

What is half of four hundred and twenty-five?


What is four in a half plus three and five six?

"What is four and a half plus three and five sixths": Eight and one third (8 1/3)

What is five and three sixths minus four and four sixths?

seventy-eleven and a half

Which is larger five eighths or one half?

five-eights is one-eigtht larger than one-half...which, after converting to a common denominator, is four-eights.

What is the answer to five and a half times 4 fifths?

five and a half=5.5 four fifths=.8 since one divided by five is .2 and four .2's (4x.2)=.8 5.5x.8=4.4, or four and 2 fifths four and two fifths is the answer.

Can you show how one half of five is four?

Five>iv=4 half of five is iv or taking 2 letter away. IV is 4 in romen numerals

How do you round four over five to the nearest half?

4/5 to the nearest half is 1.

What is the rating on school girls the movie?

four in a half out of five

Which fraction in this list is greater than one half five eighths four eights?

Five eighths.

What is one half two over 3 divided by three over four minus four over five times five over six?


Is five-eighths greater than one-half?

Answer One half is the same as four eighths, so five eighths is one eighth more.

What time does dolphin mall close?

the dolphin malls close about half four on weekends and half five on weekdays

What are four fractions between one third and one half?

two fifths, three sevenths, four nineths, five elevenths