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seven ninths.

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Q: What is less seven ninths or four fifths?
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Is four fifths greater or less than eight ninths?

Four fifths is less.

Is four ninths greater than or less than eight sixteenths?

Four ninths is less than eight sixteenths.

Is two ninths less than four ninths?

Yes it is correct.

What is one tenth less than four fifths?

The answer is seven tenths.

Is four fifths equivalent to five fifths?

no four fifths is one fifth less than five fifths

Is two fifths greater or less than four sixths?

two fifths is less than four sixths

Is two thirds less or greater than seven ninths?


Is four ninths less then five elevenths?


How is 7 over 9 less than 1?

There are 9 ninths in a unit - seven ninths is less than nine ninths, so 7/9 <1 To visualise it, try this: Cut a pizza into nine equal slices - if they are not equal, pretend they are. If you take seven of these nine slices, you have seven ninths of a pizza. Is that not less than the whole ONE?

Is 2 and a half less than two and four ninths?

No. 2 and a half (or 2.5) is greater than two and four ninths(or 2.4444...).

Is four sevenths less than sixth ninths?

Four- Sevenths (4/7) is about 0.57 and six- ninths (6/9) is about 0.67, so yes it is less by a small amount.

Is five ninths equal to greater than or less than seven eighths?

5/9 = .555 7/8 = .875 Thereby, five ninths is less than seven eighths.

Is 2 and four fifths lesser than 2 six fifths?

2 and four fifths is less than three, 2 and six fifths is greater than 3.

Is 2 5ths less than or greater than 2 9ths?

Two fifths is 80% more than two ninths.

Is four fifths greater than or less than five ninths?

greater than 4/5 5/9 = 36/45 25/45 36/45 is greater than 25/45

Is two thirds bigger than four fifths?

No. Two-thirds is (16 and 2/3 percent) less than four-fifths.

Is negative four fifths greater or less than negative one third?

negative fourth fifths is less than negative one-third

Is 0.43 greater or less than four fifths?

Less than. 4/5 is 0.8.

Is five ninth greater than or less than four eighth?

Four Eights Is Bigger Than Five Ninths.

Is seven nines less then one six?

no by the way it's 7 ninths and one sixth

How you can tell that four fifths is in simplest form?

The way you can tell four fifths is simplified is because the numerator (4) is one less than the denominator (5).

Is four fifths more or less than a half?

Four Fifths is equal to 80%. A half is equal to 50%. So, it is 30% more than a half.

Is 4 ninths less than 1 half?

Yes. Four-ninths (or four divided by nine, 0.4 with the 4 repeating) is a lesser value than one-half (or one divided by two, 0.5).

Is six tenths less than four fifths?

Yes because 1/5=2/10 therefore 4/5=8/10. Meaning that sixth tenths is, in fact, less than four fifths.

Is seven and a half greater or less than twelve and seven ninths minus 5 and three eighths?

7 1/2 is greater