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It is true that the sum of 2 even numbers is never odd

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Q: Is it not true that the sum of two even numbers is never odd?
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Related questions

Why does to even numbers equal a odd number?

What! Even numbers never equal an odd number. Not ever!

Irrational numbers are said to be never odd or even?

Yes, irrational numbers are neither odd nor even.

Can product of 2 odd no be even?

The product of two odd numbers is never even.

What numbers are never factors of odd numbers?

Even numbers.

What 3 odd numbers can equal 16?

Adding three odd numbers will never equal an even number.

Why can't you add two even numbers up to 23?

23 is odd. A sum of two even numbers never makes an odd number. Likewise, no sum of two odd numbers makes an odd number. 23 can only be made by adding an odd and an even number.

If the product of 2 even numbers is even then the 2 numbers must be even?

This is not always true. If the sum of two numbers is even, then those two numbers are either both even or both odd. For example: 2 + 2 = 4 (even + even = even) 5 + 7 = 12 (odd + odd = even) 3 + 2 = 5 (odd + even = odd)

The sum of three odd numbers is always odd true or false?

The sum of three whole odd numbers will always be odd keeping in mind that zero is neither even nor odd and that 'null' is not a number.

Can the GCF of an odd number and an even number ever be even?

No. Odd numbers don't have even factors.

Is it true that if you add 2 prime numbers you always get an even number?

As long as one of the numbers isn't 2, adding any two prime numbers results in an even number. Why? 1.) Adding any two odd numbers gives an even number, 2.) adding an odd and an even gives an odd, and 3.) all primes are odd, except for 2.

Is it true that any 2 odd numbers can be even?


The difference of two odd numbers is always odd true or false?

false. it is always even

When does an even number of odd numbers equal an odd number?

Never. When you dont add the same odd number and even number of times. For example: 5 + 3 (2 odd numbers; and even amount of odd numbers ) = 8 5 + 3 + 7 = 15 an odd amount of odd numbers 5 + 3 + 7 + 9 = 24 another even amount of odd numbers. But never if you use the only same number

Is the gcf of an odd and even number always even?

No. The opposite is true: the gcf of an odd number and an even number is always odd. All the factors of an odd number are odd; or to put it another way: If a number has an even factor, the number itself must be even. Thus the only common factors between odd and even numbers must be odd.

Can you add two odd numbers to 23?

The sum of two odd numbers never makes an odd number. Only the sum of an odd number and an even number makes an odd number.

5 odd numbers that add up to 30 without minus?


What the pattern called even odd numbers?

There is no such pattern because there are no even odd numbers. Odd numbers, by definition, are odd and therefore, not even.

What is true about two odd numbers?

When you add them, you always get an even number; when you multiply them, the result is always odd.

When multiplying an odd number by an odd number why is the result odd?

The product of multiplication results in a number that has all of the factors of the two numbers being multiplied. All even numbers have the prime factor 2. Since no odd number has the factor 2, no product of those numbers can have it. So: - Odd numbers times odd numbers produce odd numbers. - Odd numbers times even numbers produce even numbers. - Even numbers times even numbers produce even numbers.

Is the greatest common factor of any Two odd numbers always even?

No, always odd.

What combination of numbers always results in an odd number?

Multiply two odd numbers Add an even and an odd Subtract an odd and an even

What is the difference from even numbers and odd numbers?

Odd numbers are always higher than even numbers . And even numbers are easier to add than odd numbers for some people .

Is this true for any two odd numbers?

There are two truths about odd numbers. When added you get an even number... always! When multiplied you get an odd number... always!

Is that true that set of odd numbers in an infinite set?

Yes the same as even numbers are in an infinite set

What is the result of product of even numbers and odd numbers?

If you multiply one even number by one odd number, the result is always even. In general, if you multiply several numbers, and at least one of the numbers is even, the product is always even. This is because "even" means "multiple of 2", and if one of the factors contains a 2 as a factor, so will the product.