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Yes. A square needs only a quarter rotation.

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Q: Is it possible for a quadrilateral to rotate onto itself in less than one-half rotation?
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What are the 2 movements of the earth?

Rotation of the earth around itself and its rotation around the sun.

Is a door quadrilateral?

Yes providing that the face of the door has 4 sides

Which transformation can map the letter S onto itself?


What is the cause of the four seasons in the countries?

The rotation of the earth around the sun and the angle of the rotation of the earth itself.

Is the time of day due to earths rotation or revolution?

The time of day is due to the earths rotation. Rotation is the number of times the earth revolves around itself.

What effect does the Earth's rotation have?

idk if this is a question about the earth's rotation in itself, or if its about it's rotation around the sun. if it's around the sun, that's what gives us our four seasons. if its rotating within itself, it's what gives us night and day.

What are rotation and revolution?

If earth surrounds itself it is known as rotation if earth surrounds the sun then it is known as revolution

What is a 4 sided quadrilateral called?

A quadrilateral is defined as "a polygon having four sides." The word quadrilateral itself describes something with four sides, so there is no special name for a four sided quadrilateral.Square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, or diamond.

Can a regular quadrilateral be used by itself to make a tessellarion?

Yes a square will tessellate on its own

Does the earth move in space?

The earth rotates itself and rotates around the sun. a full rotation around the sun is exactly a year. a full rotation of the earth itself is a day.

Which transformation will always map a parallelogram onto itself?

A rotation of 360 degrees will map a parallelogram back onto itself.

A regular 40 sided polygon is rotated with its center of rotation at its center. what is the smallest degree of rotation needed to map the polygon back onto itself?

At every 9 degree turn it will look the same then after 40 turns it will map back on itself.

Which transformations will carry a rhombus onto itself?

A rotation of 360 degrees around the origin of (0, 0) will carry a rhombus back onto itself.

Can a regular quadrilateral be used by itself to make a tessellation?

Tessellation is defined as the tiling of a plane using one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps. In mathematics, tessellations can be generalized to higher dimensions. A periodic tiling has a repeat pattern. A regular quadrilateral can be used by itself to make a tessellation.

Is it possible to implement a JVM in java itself?

Yes. It is possible to implement JVM in Java itself

What is linear symetry?

the no. of times the figure fits into itself is called order of rotation.

What rotation will carry a pentagon onto itself?

It will do so.

What degree of rotation will cause the triangle below to map onto itself?


What are the numbers multiplied by itself added to itself equals 30 What are the two possible numbers?

A number multiplied by itself added to itself equals 30. What are the two possible numbers?

What is the greatest possible factor?

The greatest possible answer is itself because no mater what the number will always be divisible by itself.

When a planet or other celestial body spins around itself or its axis?

That is called rotation.

How long does it take Jupiter to do a hole rotation of itself?

9 hours and 55 minutes.

Why exactly does Earth spin around itself?

The Earths rotation has to deal with its orbit around the Sun.

What is the rotation angle for a regular decagon that carries it onto itself?

It is 36k degrees where k is an integer.

How long does it take Jupiter to make one full rotation around itself?

I think 26678911