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i think yes by increasing volume tenfold.because 0.01 is greater than diluting 0.01m solution 0.1m can be prepared.

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Q: Is it possible to prepare 0.1M solution from 0.01M solution?
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How many meters are in 600cm?

1 cm is .01m so 600cm*.01m = 6m =] -ray

What is a meter in cm?

.01m = 1cm

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What is smaller one ten-millionth of a millimeter or one one-hundreth of a meter?

.0000001mm vs .01m 1000 mm in a meter. so.. .0000000001m vs .01m the millimeter fraction is much smaller.

200 cm equal how many m?

Your answer is 2. 1m = 100cm 1cm = .01m

Can you use motul multi atf in 01m VW transmission?

i have Audi 01N and use it

Conver 1 cm2 to 1 m2?

1cm = .01m therefore 1cm2 = .01x.01 = .0001m2

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1 x 10^-14

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millimeter (.001m), decimeter (.01m), centimeter(.1m), meter (1m), dekameter (10m), hectometer (100m), kilometer (1000m)millimeter (milli = 1/1000)centimeter (centi = 1/100)decimeter (deci = 1/10)meter (no prefix = 1)dekameter (deka = 10)hectometer (hecto = 100)kilometer (kilo = 1000)

How many meters are in 8 centimeters?

There are 100 centimetres in one metre. Therefore, 8 centimetres is equal to 8/100 = 0.08 metres.0.08 m1 meter = 100 centimeters1 centimeter = 0.01 meterThere are 100 cm in a meter and 1 cm = .01 meter, so 8cm = .08 meter (there is no other solution to show)..01m x 8 = .08m

How many centimeters go in 1 decimeter?

1000. 1 centimeter = 1/100 meter. 1 decimeter = 10 meters. 10 m/.01m = 1000

Where is the dip stick for the transmission on a jetta?

If its a 4 speed automatic 01m tranny there isn't a dipstick, you must have it on a level surface, have the tranny at roughly 30 Celsius....and crack the drain plug , if it drips its full

How many meters does 15.4 centimeters equal?

0.154 Meters. 1m = 100 cm. 1 cm = .01m Since a meter has 100 cetimeters in it, simply move the decimal point two to the left to get the answer.

How do you replace vehicle speed sensor on a Volkswagen Jetta VR6?

On a 2000 VR6 GLS Auto transmission there is one on top and one on back . The one on top is part # 01M 927 321 B . Does anyone know part# for the one on back?

If surface area is 624square meters how many 10cm by 10cm tiles are needed to cover surface?

1 cm = .01m so were looking at 624 sq. m covered by blocks with area .01 sq. m. Divide 624 by .01 and you get 62400 tiles.

What is the base unit for length in the metric system?

Meter. Usually notated as a small "m". Examples: 100m, 0.01m Prefixes that increase the base unit are usually capitalized while prefixes that decrease the base unit are small. Examples: Kilometer (1,000m) = 1Km, Centimeter (.01m) = 1cm

Find the perimeter of the square and then convert the answer to meters given 100cm 1m 01m 1cm?

It is not possible to give a straightforward answer to this question because the person who posted the question forgot to describe the square!If the length of each side of the square is s cm, then its perimeter is 4*s cm. In terms of metres, that is 4*s/100 = s/25 metres.

How do you calculate grams per squre meter if density and thickness of film known to us?

D=m/v where D is the Density m is the mass and v is the volume You have to make sure all you units match up. You may have to do some conversions. Density is usually in g/cm^3. cm^3 can easily be converted to m^2. 1cm=.01m The thickness is the volume.

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If you have the 01M Transmission, you can remove the level checking plug from rear of trans oil pan. There is a overflow tube inside the plug hole, remove the overflow tube from inside the plug hole. Let ATF fluid drain. re-install the overflow tube. The filler tube is located above the front of oil pan and has a plastic cap.Pry the plastic cap off with a screwdriver, removing plug from the filler pipe. Refill 3.2 Qts., Full refill(dry) 5.9 Qts.

Is 100 cm2 equal o 1m2?

is 100 cm2 = .1 m2? 10cm x 10cm = 100 cm2...1 meter = 100 cm, 1cm =.01m, 10 cm=.1m .1m x.1 m=.01 m2... 100 cm2 x 1 m /100 cm x 1 m/100 cm= .01 m2, 100/100=1, 1/100=.01 cm2/cm=cm , cm/cm=1, leaves m2

How much oil do you put in a 2000 Volkswagen Cabrio engine?

CAPACITIESEngine, with filter..........4.2 qts[1]Cooling System, Initial Fill..........5.3 qtsAutomatic Transmission, 01M Initial Fill..........3.2 qtsAutomatic Transmission, Total Fill4 speed ..........5.6 qtsManual Transmission, 020..........4.0 pintsManual Transmission, Diesel 5-SPD..........4.2 pintsDifferential, Front..........1.7 pints[2]1. To prevent overfilling at oil changes, add 0.5 liter (0.5 quart) less than capacity shown, start engine, let run until ENG operating temperature is approx. 60

What type of automatic transmission fluid is used in a 1999 VW beetle?

This car has Volkswagen's 01M four speed automatic transmission. Volkswagen say that the transmission fluid is "lifetime fluid" that never needs to be changed....but after seeing mine when I changed it, I'm going to change it every 30k miles. Anyways...its closer to a mineral hydraulic oil, its amber/clear in color rather than red. G-052-162-A2 is the spec for this fluid, you can either get it at your local VW dealer or opt for Pentosin ATF1 which you possibly might find locally (but I doubt it) or online which is what most people use when they change the fluid. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TYPE OF FLUID! That means, no mercon/dexron or type F or anything, use only vw's specified fluids, this transmission is very picky about it. Good luck!