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Q: Is it true or false that some polhedrons are both prism and pyramids?
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How are prisms and pyramids alike?

The similarity between a prism and a pyramid is that they are both Polyhedrons.

What do prisms and pyramids have in common?

They both have a base and sides. However, the prism has a second base at the top, which the pyramid does not have.

Reasons why pyramids and prisms have nothing in common?

They are both polyhedra. Therefore the question is based on false premises and so is a waste of time.

How are the pyramids of the Americas similar to the pyramids in Egypt?

they're both shaped like pyramids. And they were both built in ancient times.

What do rectangular prism and triangular prism have in common?

they both are three dimensional prism :)

How are a rectangular prism the same as a hexagonal prism?

they are both prisms. they both have at least one rectangle

What is the relationship between a triangular prism and a rectangular prism?

They are both prisms.

What are similarities and differences between a prism and a pyramid?

Similarity: both of them are solid. Difference: prisms have planes that are parallel to each other whereas pyramids does not have planes which are parallel to each other. XDXD

How are pyramids and prisms alike?

Both pyramids and prisms are three dimensional. Both of them have polygon faces. Another thing common about pyramids and prisms is that they have a base and faces.

What kind of polygon is included in both a net of a triangular prism and a net of a rectangular prism?

trinangleular prism

The differences between Aztec pyramids and Mayan pyramids?

Mayan pyramids are taller while Aztec pyramids were flatter. Both, however were truncated to hold pyramids at the top. Aztecs had more pyramids at the top.

What makes a prism a prism?

a prism is a prism if it can be cut into even cross sections. that is, if you sliced it in half, both faces would look the same. so, a cube is a prism but not a cone.

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