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No, but English probably is. I would worry a lot more about English then the math. I'm guessing basic math would be needed for measurements and for the business side of things but that's it.

I'm not a fashion designer, I'm an Engineering student, but I don't think you have to worry much about math, only English and your social skills.

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Q: Is maths so much important in fasion design course?
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Do you need mathematics for interior design?

You just bases of maths :) No need to have a Maths GCSE :)

Without maths subject can you do architecture?

You can of course design pretty buildings but without the math you might not understand why they cannot be built! In the US and in Sweden mathematics are an important part of the architecture courses offered at most universities, but in Denmark there are schools that do not have as stringent engineering requirements.

Can you do architecture course being a commerce student without maths?

you can do architecture course being a commerce student. maths should be your one of the paper. without maths you can't do architecture

What couse should you opt after bsc maths msc maths or bed maths?

A course in spelling, or typing, obviously!

What course without math?

what course can be done without maths

Is maths important in schooling?

Yes very much so maths is quite important in schooling.

What a levels do you need to do product design or engineering?

The ideal A levels you should take for product design is Maths, Physics, DT and if forth required Art The ideal ones to do for engineering is Maths, Physics DT and if forth required Further Maths

What is mean of product plus or minus in maths?

The product in Maths is a number that you get by adding or deducting the numbers. Plus, or Minus is an important part of maths. Learning and understanding how to find the product in maths is an important foundation for developing their skills in maths.

Is maths compulsory for chartered accountancy course?

yes u can do CA without taking maths

Is maths important for genetic engg?

No, but it is important.

What is the scope of commerce without maths?

The Scope of Commerce with Maths is a college mathematical course. The course studies how maths are used to commerce is affected by maths and how to use them correctly in business situations in order to garner success.

Is there an engineering course with less maths?

civil nuclear industrial chemical need less maths than others