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A body undergoes simple harmonic motion if the acceleration of the particle is proportional to the displacement of the particle from the mean position and the acceleration is always directed towards that mean.

Provided the amplitude is small, a swing is an example of simple harmonic motion.

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Q: Is motion of swing an example of simple harmonic motion?
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What are the physics of a swing?

a swing is basically a pendulum, meaning it oscillates as simple harmonic motion. It is not much different from a mass on a string in other words

Effect of large angle to oscillation?

The motion is likely not to be a simple harmonic motion as required for the formula for the period of a pendulum to work properly. The angle of swing is likely to reduce.

What are the 4 example of bodies performing simple harmonic motion?

Pendant in a clock Swing Suspended spring with mass attached An object moving back and forth between rubber buffers along an air track

How is the motion of a pendulum like that of a wave?

A simple harmonic motion is one for which the acceleration of the body into consideration is proportional its displacement from the mean position and the direction of the acceleration is always directed towards that mean position. It can be shown that, provided that the amplitude of oscillation is small, the motion of a simple pendulum is simple harmonic. All simple harmonic motions follow one rule F=-kx . When the oscillation is small(around 5 °), the motion of simple pendulum is simple harmonic motion.

What is the unit of simple harmonic motion?

Simple harmonic motion is non-complex periodic motion, just like the swing of a pendulum. The pendulum starts at the "top" of one side, swings down through the bottom of an arc, and then reaches the "top" of the other side. Once there, it swings back down through the bottom of its arc to the place it began. This is one complete cycle of the motion of that pendulum. What is characteristic of the motion is that is repeats, and there is a time interval associated with the movement. It takes some amount of time for the complete cycle to occur, and that is said to be the period of the motion. Additionally, if we look at the number of cycles of the motion for a given period of time, we could specify a frequency for that motion. It takes "x" seconds for one cycle (the period of the motion) to occur, or there are "z" cycles of that motion (the frequency of the motion) for a given span of time.All things considered, either frequency or periodcould be said to be a basic unit of simple harmonic motion.

Is a swing an an example of a simple machine?

Yes, the simple machine is a lever if you look at the top of a normal playground swing.

Why are positive and negative numbers used on a harmonic motion graph?

Since amplitude can vary, it is inconvenient to set "0" at the maximum swing point. This can move your zero and all successive measurements with just a touch. Additionally, "simple harmonic motion" is easily described by combinations of the sine and cosine functions, and they yield positive and negative values of equal magnitudes. So it is *easier* to set zero at "mid span".

Meaning of Oscillatory motion?

a motion that varies up and down, or left and right, about a certain position. For example the pendulum of a clock, the motion of a swing, a wave on the beach, a mechanical vibration, etc.

What is the relationship between a swinging pendulum and a sine curve?

Assuming an idealised pendulum with a small amplitude, both are examples of simple harmonic motion. That is, the second derivative of the curve is directly proportional to its displacement but in the opposite direction. If the amplitude (swing) of the pendulum is large or if the majority of its mass is not oi the "blob" the relationship is only approximate.

What is a the motion of a needle in a swing motion?

motion of the needle of a sewing machine is what is the motino is this?

Can a swing change electrical energy into motion?

yes is motion

What forces and motion are in a pendulum swing?

That would have to be perpetual motion