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A2. YES. A nautical mile is exactly 1852m which is approx 6076 feet.

[It was defined as a 1 minute of arc at the Equator, and this used to be considered 6080 feet, but a re-determination of the length round the equator gives us the lower number.]

A land (Statute) mile is 5280 feet.

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Q: Is one mile on land different than one mile in water?
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Why is a swimming mile shorter than a land mile?


How do the heating of land and water different?

Land heats more rapidly and to higher temperatures than water. Land also cools more rapidly and to lower temperatures than water

How many meters more is nautical mile than a land mile?

1 Land mile = 1609.34 Meters 1 Nautical Mile = 1852 Meters The answer is 242.66 Meters

Which is greater - 1 mile or 1nautical mile?

A nautical mile is greater than a statute (land) mile. One nautical mile is equal to about 1.15 statute miles.

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Yes, there is more water than land.

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Is a mile on land the same in the ocean?

A literal 'mile' is the same wherever you measure it. However, sailors made a measurement (who knows why?) called a nautical mile, which is longer than a mile.

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There is more water on earth than land.

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How much farther do you travel if you travel 1 nautical than 1 statue mile?

A nautical mile is 1.1 land miles.

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