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One third is closer to a whole than one quarter, but farther from a whole than one half.

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Q: Is one third closer to a whole?
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Related questions

Is one third closer to one whole or o half?

1 half

Is one and one third closer to 1 or 2?

it is closer to one because one third isn't fully half and the one is a full one ! :)

Is three-fifths closer to zero or one whole?

closer to one

Is one ninth closer to 0 half or whole?

my answer is it closer to 0

Is the fraction three fifths closer to zero one half one whole one whole and a half or two whole?

One half.

What is left after you take one third from a whole?

Two thirds are left after you take one third from a whole.

If 3 counters are 1 third then what is 1 whole?

if 3 equals one third, then one whole would be comprised of 9.

Is 0.0009999 closer to one half or one whole?

One half.

What does one third plus one third plus one third equals?

1 whole, or 1

How is one-third of a set and one-third of a whole the same?

how is 1/3 of a set and 1/3 of a whole the same and different

How much is one and one third?

One and one third is the same as saying one whole piece and one third of a piece.The big number is the whole and the part of a number is the fraction. This type of fraction is called a mixed number.

Does one third round to 0 or to one half?

It's closer to one half.

What is one-third cup tripled?

one-third cup tripled is 1 whole cup

What is one-third as a whole number?

one third times three

What is one thrid as a whole number?

One third is not a whole number.

How do you find a third?

-- Cut the whole thing into three identical pieces. -- Each piece is one third of the whole thing. -- If the whole thing is a number, divide the number by 3 to find one third of it.

What fractions are closest to one whole?

No matter what fraction one gives, there is one closer. There is no answer to this question.

Is one third closer to a half or zero?

I'm not sur bout dat either

Is one third a whole number?

No, it is not.

Is one gram closer to 3.5 ounces or one third of an ounce?

1/3 of an ounce

How many one third make one whole?


What is two thirds minus one third?

one whole

How many one-third are there in a whole?


Is 0.07 is closest to 1 whole or one half?

closer to 1/2

What is . 22 to the nearest whole number?

.22 is closer to zero than to one.