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Q: Is pi times 5 the equivalent to x92?
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Related questions

What is pie times 5?

Pi X 5 = 15.7. Pi is equal to 3.14 then you multiply it by 5.

The radius of a circle is 5 inches What is the circumference of the circle?

Circumference is 2 times pi times radius, so the circumference of this circle is 2 times pi times 5, or 10 times pi. If a decimal answer is needed, pi is approximately 3.14, so C=31.4

Is 5 times pi rational?

No, it is not.

How much is pi times 5?

3.141592654 * 5 = 15.70796327

What is pi times 5 equal?


What is the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 5?

The formula for a circumference is 2 times Pi times Radius. A diameter is twice the Radius, so the circumference is Diameter times Pi. 5 times Pi (3.14159) is approximately 15.70795. Pi has an endless number of digits to the right of the decimal point, so the best we can do is approximate.

Is 5 times 7h and 35h equivalent or not equivalent?


What is pi times 24 over 5?


What is the area of the circle if the radius is 5?

The area of a circle is equal to pi times the radius squared. So in your case it would be 5 squared, (25) times pi which is equal to ~78.5

What is 6 x pi to the power 5?

mass of proton is 6 x pi raised to power 5 times mass of electron

What is pi multiplied by 5?

it is impossible to know because no one has been able to find the last digit of pi yet 5 times pi is 15.708 to 3 decimal places.

Is 5 pied an irrational number?

I don't think there is such thing as 5 pied. Unless you mean "5 times pi", then the answer is yes. 'PI' and any multiple of it are irrational numbers.

What is 5 times 3 times 556 divided by the square root of pi?

4705.341 because 5x3=15x556=8340 divided by the square root of pi(1.7724539) is4705.314.

What is the diameter of a circle with a circumference of 5?

Since the circumference is equal to the diameter times pi, you need to divide the circumference by pi in this case.

What is the circumference of a circle whose radius is 5?

Five times twice pi.

What is the volume of a cylinder 5 inches high with a 1 inch radius?

the volume of a cylinder is (pi)r squared times the height, same as a circle but plus the height so the answer here would be ((pi) x 1) squared x 5. or 5 pi squared

Do you think we will ever find the last digit of pi with the exhaustion method why?

There is no last digit of pi. It is possible to calculate the digits of pi an infinite number of times. The one millionth number is 5.

What is the area of a circle with a circumference of 10 pi?

Area of the circle: pi times 5 squared, which equals 25 * π = 78.54 units^2

What is the circumference of the center circle on a soccer field?

The circumference of the center circle of a soccer field is pi times its diameter (which is 10 yards). It could also be expressed as 2 times pi times its radius (which is 5 yards). It's about 31.416 yards.

What is equivalent to 2 over 5 in 45ths?

5 times 9 is 45. 2 times 9 is 18 so the equivalent fraction is 18/45

What is 22 over 7 times pi?

(22/7) * π = 9.87358 (to 5 dp)

What is pi to 5?

pi to 5 decimal places = 3.14159

What is the eighth root of pi?

1.1538350681.15383 (rounded)(((pi).5).5).5 = (pi).125 = 1.1538

The diameter of a round dinner plate is 10 in what is the area of the plate?

The area of the plate is equal to pi times the square of the radius. Since the plate has a 10 inch diameter, the radius is 5 inches. Therefore, the area is equal to pi times 25, or about 78. 5 inches.

Circumference of circle with radias of 5 cm?

Pi times the diameter of a circle gives its circumference. Since the radius is 5 cm, the diameter is 10 cm, and pi x 10 cm is the answer, or 31.4159 cm.