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When you divide a number by another number, let's say 26/4, you can't always get a perfect number. In this case, 6*4 is 24, and you have 2 "remainder", or 2 left over. The quotient is the whole answer, in this case 6 remainder 2. So the remainder is part of the quotient, but not the whole quotient itself.

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Q: Is quotient known as remainder
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How do you Use long division to divide 34,298 by 26, Then, select the true statement?

The answer is the remainder has a quotient of 14

What is the remainder an quotient of 8 152?

Remainder 8, quotient 0.

What will be the remainder for the quotient 421 and 6?

The remainder of the quotient of 421 and 6 is 1.

What is the quotient and the remainder of 11 305?

11 / 305: quotient = 0, remainder = 11

What is the quotient an remainder of 338 divided by 4?


Quotient and remainder of 328 divided by 8?


What is the quotient and remainder of 805 divided by 98483?

Quotient 0, remainder 805. Note that you will always get this pattern when you divide a smaller number by a larger one - i.e., the quotient will be zero, and the remainder will be the dividend.

What is the quotient when 236 divided by 5 gives a remainder of 1?

The quotient is 47 with a remainder of 1

Can the remainder be bigger then the quotient?


What is the divisor when the dividend is 53 and the quotient is 5 with a remainder of 8?

The divisor is 9. quotient x divisor + remainder = dividend ⇒ quotient x divisor = dividend - remainder ⇒ divisor = (dividend - remainder) ÷ quotient = (53 - 8) ÷ 5 = 45 ÷ 5 = 9

Which is the remainder for the quotient of 79 divided by 8?


Divide 555 by 12 and write the quotient with a remainder?

555 / 12: quotient = 46, remainder = 3

What is the quotient and remainder when 133 is divided by 85?


What is the quotient and remainder of 340 divided by 13?


What is the quotient and the remainder in 467 34?

467 divided by 34 gives you a quotient of 13 and a remainder of 25.

What is the least number divided by 809 that has a remainder that is the same as the quotient?

810: quotient 1, remainder 1

Is there a such thing as a remainder being bigger than the quotient?

Yes, certainly. A quotient is the result of division ( a divisor into a dividend). The remainder can be bigger than the quotient, but not bigger than the divisor. For example 130 divided by 20 =6 with remainder of 10. Here 6 is the quotient and remainder is 10, which is bigger than the quotient

What is the remainder and answer of 120 divided by 18?


Can a remainder be larger than the quotient?

Yes, it can be , for example 9/5 gives you quotient=1 and remainder =4 and other case 16/5 gives you quotient =3 and remainder = 1

Whats the quotient and remainder to 8 divided by 506?


What is the correct quotient and remainder when 1245 is divided by45?


What is a polynomial multiplication with a quotient of x 3 and a remainder of 2?

To get a quotient and a remainder, you would need to do a division, not a multiplication.

Quotient and remainder from 537 divivdied 7?

537 divided by 7 is quotient 76 with remainder 5

What is the quotient of 6478?

64 / 78: quotient = 0, remainder = 64

What are the quotient and remainder when 750 is divided by 137.6?