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Probably not, though it is hard to work out the mapping "r equals 1 2"

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2012-04-14 13:50:11
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Q: Is relation r equals 1 2 on the set a equals 1 2 3 is transitive?
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What is a poset?

It is a partially ordered set. That means it is a set with the following properties: a binary relation that is 1. reflexive 2. antisymmetric 3. transitive a totally ordered set has totality which means for every a and b in the set, a< or equal to b or b< or equal to a. Not the case in a poset. So a partial order does NOT have totality.

which correctly completes the flow proof?

(1) transitive, (2) reflexive

What are equivalence relations?

An equivalence relation r on a set U is a relation that is symmetric (A r Bimplies B r A), reflexive (Ar A) and transitive (A rB and B r C implies Ar C). If these three properties are true for all elements A, B, and C in U, then r is a equivalence relation on U.For example, let U be the set of people that live in exactly 1 house. Let r be the relation on Usuch that A r B means that persons A and B live in the same house. Then ris symmetric since if A lives in the same house as B, then B lives in the same house as A. It is reflexive since A lives in the same house as him or herself. It is transitive, since if A lives in the same house as B, and B lives in the same house as C, then Alives in the same house as C. So among people who live in exactly one house, living together is an equivalence relation.The most well known equivalence relation is the familiar "equals" relationship.

What is the solution set 2x2-3x-1 equals 0?


Was it necessary to set angle 1 equals 0?

No, but it helped.

What do 1m equals dm equals cm equals mm?

The conversion between m,mm and dm are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . 1 m =10 dm. 1 m =100 cm. 1 m=1000 mm.

How many inches 1in equals 2.54 cm?

The conversion relation between in and cm are given .By the conversion table the relation we get is as follows. 1 inch =2.54 cm .

Why dividing fraction by 1 equals the fraction?

Dividing any number by 1 equals the number you started with.

Transitive matrix-a matlab program?

taking an example of matrix x ,we find whether this matrix is transitive or not: x=[1 1 0 ;1 0 1;1 0 1] m=1; for i=1:3 for j=1:3 if x(i,j)==1 for k=1:3 if x(j,k)==1 if x(i,k)~=1 m=0; end end end end end end if m==1 disp('Given matrix is Transitive') else disp('Given Matrix is not Transitive') end

What is the solution set of 2x - 3 - 8 equals -1?

x = 5

What are the elements set of S equals x x2 plus 4x - 5 equals 0?

S = {-5, 1}

what- Given: GRM?

(1) Symmetric, (2) Transitive, (3) HL

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