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Q: Is the altitude of a triangle always the perpendicular bisector?
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What triangle must always have at least one angle bisector that is also a perpendicular bisector?

any isosceles triangle

Is a perpendicular bisector always an angle bisector?

thank goodness for my math teacher, norm! he said only in an isosceles triangle. The bisector of the vertex angle of an isosceles triangle is perpendicular to the base! =)

Which types of triangles must always have at least one angle bisector that is also a perpendicular bisector?

iscoceles triangle! =)

Is a protractor necessary to construct a perpendicular bisector?

Not always because a perpendicular bisector can be constructed with compasses

Does a line segment bisector always be perpendicular to the original irie?

Not sure what an "irie" is. But a bisector does not need to be perpendicular.

Is the apothem always a perpendicular bisector of each side of a polygon?


The apothem is a perpendicular bisector of each side of a regular polygon?


Must a bisector of a segment always be a perpendicular line?

Not always because the diagonals of a rectangle bisect each other but they are not perpendicular to each other.

Can a triangle have 2 perpendicular sides always?

Not always.

Do the perpendicular bisectors of a triangle always sometimes or never intersect on the triangle?

The perpendicular bisectors only intersect on the triangle when it is an isosceles right triangle.

Can an angle bisector of a triangle always intersect inside the triangle?

The angle bisectors always intersect inside the triangle. (This is not true for altitudes and right bisectors.)

Will the altitude always lie in the interior of a triangle?


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