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If you have -+4, this is a -, if it is ++ it is +, -- is +, -+ or +- is -.

Therefore -7-+4 is -11

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Q: Is the answer to negative seven minus positive four negative three?
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What is the computation of three minus negative three minus negative seven?


What is negative ten minus negative seven?

Negative three.

What is negative three minus positive seven equal?

Q) -3-(+7)=-3-7 =-10

What is positive seven minus positive three?

. 4

What does positive seven minus positive three equal?

positive 4

What does 8 minus negative 3 equal?

8 minus negative three or 8--3 equal positive 11. The double negative converts the minus sign into a plus sign and the negative into a positive.

Positive three minus negative 8?


What is positive three minus negative four?


What is negative four minus positive three?


What is the answer to three minus negative seven?


What is the answer of positive three minus negative one?

3 minus -1 is 4.

What is positive eight minus negative three?

11 positive 11 positive 11

What is three minus negative four?

3-(-4)= 3+4= 7

What is the negative two minus positive three?

-2 - +3 = -5

Does twelve divided by minus four equal three?

No, 12/-4 = -3 A negative times negative is positive, so positive divided by negative is a negative.

What is two minus negative three?

Two (2) minus negative three (-3) is five (5). When you subtract a negative number it is the same as adding a positive number of the same absolute value.

What is three elevenths minus ten elevenths?

Three of anything minus ten of the same thing leaves negative seven of them.

What is negative seven times positive three?


What is minus minus minus?

minus (negative) A negative number multiplied or divided by a negative is a positive. Then, multiplied or divided by another negative gives you a negative. A negative added to a negative is a negative. So adding a third negative is still a negative. Subtracting a - from a - is a -. So, subtracting a third - is still a -. No matter what operation you do, three negatives is a negative.

What is negative fourteen minus negative three?

-14 - (-3) The double negative cancels out and forms a positive. -14 + 3 = -11 ■

What is three minus seven?

three minus seven is four

What is negative three minus positive eight?

-3 - 8 is the same as -3 + -8 which is -11.

What is one and three eighths minus one and seven eighths?

It is one negative half.

What is 3 minus negative one over two plus seven?

The solution to three minus negative one over two plus seven is 21/2. In decimal form, the solution is 10.5.

What is negative twelve minus negative three?

-12 - (-3) Two negatives equal a positive. So, -12 + 3 = -9