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Q: Is the diameter equals 3 x r correct?
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Is the formula diameter equals 4 x r correct?

No. Diameter = 2 x r

Is the formula diameter equals 2 x r correct?

Yes it is, where r is the radius

What would be the diameter if r equals 6 is the radias?


Pi is the ratio of a circles circumfrance to its what?

diameter ------------- Diameter. The R (radius) of a circle multiplied by two equals the diameter.

Diameter equals 6cm what is the radius?

radius=1/2 diameter so R=3cm

What is diameter of a circle with radius r equals 33 in?

the diameter is 2times the radiusr=33ind=66in

What is the square foot of a circle with a diameter of 3 feet?

Area of a Circle: A = (pi) * r ^ 2 (Area equals Pi Times the radius Squared) R = 3/2 (Diameter = 3, Radius = 1/2 of the Diameter) A = 3.1415 * (3/2)^2 A = 3.1415 * 2.25 A = ~7.068 Square Feet

If r equals 5z then 15z equals 3y then r equals?

if r=5z and 15z =3 then r=10y

What is the radius of a circle with diameter of 8inches?

The radius of a circle with diameter or 8 inches is 4 inches. The diameter equals 2 times the radius or d=2*r. --> 8 in = 2*r so, r = 4 in

If r equals 5 z then 15 z equals 3 y then r equals?


What is the diameter of a circle with radius r equals 36 in?

72, double the radius because radius is half of the whole diameter.

3 equals R in a C?

3 equals rings in a circus

If r equals 5z then 15z equals 3 y then r equals?

r = 5z 15z = 3y (divide by 3 to both sides) 5z = y r = y

What is the length of the radius to the length of the diameter?

Diameter divided by 2 equals radius r=d/2 For example, if the radius was 3.5, the diameter would be 7.

If r equals radius then what does d equal?

Diameter, the line that dissects the circle exactly in half.

The radius of a circle with a circumference?

R(10) If you know the Circumferance, divide it by Pi (about 3.14). That will tell you the diameter. Half the diameter equals the radius.

What is the diameter of a circle with this measurement r equals 10.4 in?

Diameter is two times the radius, in our case the radius is 10.4 inches, Can you now find the diameter. I am sure you can, good luck!

Is it true Differ plus -ence equals difference?

No. Because you have only a single 'r' before 'equals', but after it there are two 'r's.One 'r' is correct . . . difference .

What is 10 equals r plus 3?

10 = r + 3 Subtract 3 from each side: 7 = r

How do you calculate the volume of a sphere when you are given the diameter?

volume of a sphere is 4/3 pi x r^3 or, 4/3 x 3.142 x r ^3 r, or radius would be 1/2 the diameter, hence r ^3 would come to (d^3)/8 Solved :-)

Evaluate pq - r when p equals 3 q equals 4 and r equals -6?

pq-r, if p is 3, q is 4, and r is -6 is equal to 3 x 4 - (-6), which is equal to 12 + 6, which is equal to 18.

What is the diameter of a ball that has a volume of 100 centimeters cubed?

4/3 pi r^3 = 100r = (100*3/4/pi)^(1/3) r = 2.87989833828654 d = 2*r d = 5.75979667657308 cm The diameter is 5.75979667657308 cm

Solve r plus 11 equals 3?

You subtract 11 from both sides and r equals negative 7. See... r+11=3 -11 -11 r=7

Is the formula for circumference of a circle c equals r2 or c equals d or c equals lw or c equals l plus w?

If the following are the definitions of the symbols referenced in the question: c = circumference r = radius d = diameter l = length w = width then NONE of the formulas listed in the question is correct. The circumference of a circle is (pi) times d. d is the diameter, (pi) = 3.14156 (rounded)

What is 12 equals r over 3 plus 16?

12 = r/3 + 16