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3/5 is greater than 5/7

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Q: Is the fraction five over seven greater then three over four?
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Which fraction is greater five over seven or three over four?

It is: 3/4

Which fraction is greater three fourths or five sixth?

5/6 is greater.

As a fraction which is larger one out of five or three out of ten?

3/10 is greater.

What fraction is greater five sixths or seven ninths?

5/6 is greater.And the correct spelling is ninths, not nineths.

Is seven twelfths or five eighths the bigger fraction?

5/8 is greater than 7/12

What fraction is greater ten out of forty or five out of twenty-five?

10/40 is greater.

What is the fraction one whole and five eighths minus three quarters?

Seven eights

How do you convert zero decimal nine three seven five to a fraction?

0.9375 to a fraction = 9375/10000 or 15/16

Is the fraction two over twenty-five greater than or less than zero point zero three four?


How do you write five and seven tenths in fraction?

Five and seven tenths as a fraction would be 5 7/10.

Which fraction is greater five-eighths or five-sevenths?

[Five sevenths] is 0.0893 greater than [five eighths]. (rounded)

What fraction is greater three fifths or five eights?

LCD(5, 8) = 40.So 3/5 = 24/40 and 5/8 = 25/40. The second fraction, that is 5/8, is greater.

Is seven eighths greater than thirty three fortieths?

Yes it is. It is the equivalent of thirty-five fortieths.

Eighty-seven decreased by three times a number is greater than one hundred sixty-five?

x > -26

How do you write 1.75 percent in words?

As a decimal - One point seven five. As a fraction - One and three quarters.

What is 5.35 as a fraction?

five and seven twentieths

Three-fourths of a number greater than or equal to five less than the number?

three fourths is greater than five eights

Is five eighths greater than five ninths?

Yes. If two fractions have the same numeratorthen the one with the smaller denominator is the greater fraction.

35 percent as a simplified fraction?

35% as a simplified fraction is seven twenty-fifths, or seven over twenty-five.

What is greater three tenths or five fourteenths?

five fourteenths

Which fraction is greater five sixths or two thirds?


What fraction is greater five ninths or eleven fifteenths?


How is the fraction four sixths greater than five sixths?

It isn't.

What is three out of five aS A FRACTION?


How can you use a number line to order two eighths seven eighth three eights and five eighths form greatest to least?

start with zero eigths then one eigths, two eigths..... the farther from the zero the greater the fraction value.