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Yes! ex: 4^2= 4 X 4=16

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Q: Is the little 2 on top of a number an exponent?
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What is the little 2 above a number for?

its an exponent it means squared or doubled because its a 2

What is the little number the math equations called?

the little numbers are called exponents. Do you mean this? 32. this is an exponent. (the little 2)

What is a exponent?

It is a little floating number at the top of a whole number that increases it. For example five squared would be five with a floating 2 and the answer would be 25 because five times 5 is 25

How do you use exponent in a sentence?

The square of a number can be represented by writing the number with an exponent of 2, whereas the square root of the number is represented by writing the number with an exponent of 1/2.

What is the base and the exponent?

lol dont be silly. Google it. jk um, base is like 2. exponent is like to what power you are multiplying the base. 2^3 is 2 times 2 times 2 which equals 8

How will you know the exponent of scientific notation is negative or positive?

The smaller number at the top right of the ten may or may not have a negative sign in front of it: like 6.2 x 102 or 6.2 x 10-2. If the little number is positive, the decimal in the first number will move to the right. If the exponent is negative, the decimal in the first number will move to the left.

What is an irrational exponent?

It means that it is an exponent, and that it is not a rational number - i.e., one that can be written as a fraction of two integers.

Which exponent gives the square of the reciprocal of a number?

The relevant exponent is -2.

What is the definition of base number?

A base number is the value to the power of the exponent. For example, in 2^4, 2 is the base number and 4 is the exponent.

Is 2 by the power of 5 an exponent?

In the number 25 the exponent is 5. Whereas, 2 is the base.

Is a number with 2 or more factors an exponent?

No. An exponent is the degree to which a number is multiplied by itself. For example in 23 the 3 is the exponent. 23 is equal to 2x2x2.

What is 1000000 in exponential form?

1 x 10^61,000,000 written in exponential form is 10^6.With powers of ten, the trick is to count the zeros. The number of zeros is the exponent (the little number top right!).