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Q: Is the prouduct of two prime numbers ever a prime number?
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Can Prime numbers ever be an even number?

Yes, but there is only one - the number 2.

Is the product of two prime numbers ever a prime number explain?

A prime number has exactly two factors, 1 and the number itself. 1 is not a prime number, and the product will be a composite number if any other prime is used as a factor and multiplied by another prime.

Will the product of any prime numbers greater than one but less than twenty ever be prime?

No. If you multiply two prime numbers, any prime numbers, the result will - by definition - not be a prime number. For example, if you multiply 2 x 3, the result will obviously be divisible by 2 and by 3, and therefore, not be a prime number. By the way, one is not usually considered a prime number.

Who gave the method of finding out prime numbers?

No one has ever discovered the mathematical pattern for prime numbers and all that is known about them is that each prime number has only 2 factors which are itself and one.

Can prime numbers other than 2 and 5 ever be 3 apart?

No, there are no other even prime numbers. And an odd number + or - 3 is always even Ward

Can prime numbers be equal?

How can 2 prime numbers ever be equal They cant be Equal.

Does a prime number multiplied by a prime number ever result in a prime number?


Can the sum of two odd prime numbers ever be prime?


Can a prime number ever have composite factors?

No because all of a prime numbers factors are 1 and itself. therefore it cannot have composite factors

What is the product of the last two composite numbers?

There are no two "last" composite numbers. Just as with prime numbers, and all numbers, they go on for ever and ever and ever and ever ... ... .

Is the LCM of a pair of numbers ever equal to one of the number example?

Absolutely !.. Any prime number only has itself and 1 as its factors.

Where can you use prime numbers?

In every math problem you can ever do you can use prime numbers. 1+3 Both prime numbers. Most numbers are not prime but prime numbers only become a broblem when you try to factor them like in simple algebra.

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