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Q: Is the sum of two mixed numbers always going to be a mixed number?
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when adding mixed numbers,is it always necessary to write the sum as a mixed number Explain?

what is 2+@

How do you write an improper fraction as a reduced mixed number?

You have to divide the top and the bottom numbers in the fraction ( numerator, denominator ), and you will always get a mixed number, or a mixed number in lowest terms.

What is the lowest mixed number?

There is no lowest mixed number since, given any mixed number, it is always possible to find a lower one.

Is the product of two mixed number always greater than 1?

The product of two mixed numbers is always greater than one (assuming that both of the mixed numbers themselves are greater than one.)

Is the sum of two mixed numbers always a mixed number?

No. 13/4 plus 61/4 = 8

Are mixed numbers a rational number?

A mixed number is a rational number. Mixed numbers are not a rational number but many of them.

Are decimals in mixed numbers?

No. Mixed numbers are a number and a fraction.

Why are mixed numbers rational numbers?

Mixed number are rational numbers because they both have a whole number.

What Is 3 as a whole number converted into a mixed number?

Whole numbers can't be mixed numbers.

A number containing a whole number and a fraction?

mixed numbers

Is a mixed number always greater than a whole number explain?

No.The mixed number 21/2, for example, is greater than the whole number 2, but smaller than the whole number 3.In fact, given any mixed number (which does have a fractional part), it is always possible to find a pair of consecutive whole numbers such that the mixed number is between them.

How do you rewrite a mixed number as a whole number?

You don't. Mixed numbers and whole numbers are separate things.

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