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If there are any prime numbers between zero and 90,

and between zero and 180, then you can bet on it.

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Q: Is there a city that the latitude and longitude coordinates are prime numbers?
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What city has a latitude and longitude coordinates are prime numbers?

aba nigeria has longitude of 5.1 and latitude of 7.35

What city has its latitude and longitude as prime numbers?

Aba Nigeria latitude 5.1 longitude 7.35

What are the cordinates of the prime meridian?

A point on earth has coordinates. A line doesn't. The Prime Meridian is the batch of all points that have zero longitude and every possible latitude.

What is importance of latitude?

what are the importance of latitude, longitude, prime meridians is the latitude and international dateline is longitude

What is the continent or ocean where the equator and the prime meridian cross what is the latitude and longitude of that point?

-- Gulf of Guinea, south of Accra, Ghana -- Since everywhere on the equator is zero latitude, and everywhere on the Prime Meridian is zero longitude, the point that is common to both had better have the coordinates zero/zero .

How are the equators and prime alike?

They are the two points of origin for coordinates to locate a specific point on the earth.The Prime Meridian is zero degrees longitude and the Equator is zero degree latitude

Where is Ca located in relative to the prime meridian and the equator?

The coordinates for California (CA) is latitude 36.7783° N (North of the Equator), longitude 119.4179° W (West of the Prime Meridian).

Is the Prime Meridian a latitude or longitude line?

The Prime Meridian is a longitude line, made up of all the points that have zero longitude and every latitude.

How do you plot negative latitude and longitude?

Negative latitude is latitude south of the equator. Negative longitude is longitude west of the Prime Meridian.

Is the prime meridian at 0 degrees latitude degrees longitude or degrees latitude?


What and the Prime meridian meet at 0 degrees latitude and longitude?

The equator and the Prime meridian meet at zero degrees latitude and longitude.

What is the Longitude and Latitude of the Idian Ocean?

The longitude is below the equator and the latitude is to the left of the prime meridian