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Logarithms of numbers less than one are negative. For example, the logarithm of 1/2 will be negative.

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Q: Is there a negative answer on logarithm?
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Can base of a logarithm be negative?


How do you calculate - log 0.5?

The logarithm of a number less than 1 is negative. Therefore, -log 0.5 is the negative logarithm of 0.5 which is equal to -0.301.

What the PH?

negative logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration

What is the logarithm of -1?

Negative numbers don't have logarithms.

What is a negative logarithm?

A logarithm of a reciprocal. For example, log(1/7) or log(7-1) = -log(7)

What is the pH of an aqueous solution with a H plus concentration of 1 X 10-3 M?

3: The negative of the logarithm (base 10) of the concentration. The logarithm of 1 is 0 and the logarithm of 10-3 is -3; the logarithm of their product is the sum of their individual logarithms, -3 in this instance, and the negative of -3 is +3.

Is it possible for a logarithm to equal a negative number?

Yes. The logarithm of 1 is zero; the logarithm of any number less than one is negative. For example, in base 10, log(0.1) = -1, log(0.01) = -2, log(0.001) = -3, etc.

What is the logarithm L of a number x if 0 is greater than x?

Within the real numbers, the logarithm of negative numbers is not defined.

How do you find a logarithm from a table?

You look the number up in a table.Example:Find the logarithm of 511From a table I see that numbers are only listed from 1.00 to 9.99I look up 5.11 and know that I have to multiply that by 100 or 102 to get my original value, which is equivalent to adding 2 to the table value.The table gives me 0.7084209 for the logarithm for 5.11The logarithm of 511 is thus 2.7084209For numbers less than 1 the logarithm will be negative!Negative numbers do have logarithms!

What are characteristics of pH?

pH is the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in a solution.

What value is ued to express the acidity or bacity of a solution called?

The acidity or basicity are expressed by pH (the negative logarithm of the activity of hydronium ion).

Is the pH of solution is the negative logarithm of its hydroxide ion concentration?

No, the pH is the negative logarithim to base 10 of the Hydrogen Ion concentration.