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560 goes into 2800 five times.

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Q: Is there a number that goes into 2800 five times if there is what is that number?
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How many times does 1.99 go into 2800.00?

1.99 goes into 2800 1407 times.

What is the highest number that goes into 125?

Five times 25 --> 25

What number goes into 1024 five times?

204.8 x 5 = 1,024

How many times 60 goes into 300?

the answer is five. 60 goes into 300 five times.

How do you reduce the fraction 12 over 30?

First, you find a number that goes into both 12 and 30. This number is two. Two goes into 12, six times and 30, fifteen times. So now you have to find a number that goes into both six and fifteen. This number is 3. Three goes into six two times and fifteen five times. There is no number that can go into 2 & 5 besides one. So two fifths (2/5) is your simplified fraction. or two over five.

How many times does ten go into five?

ten goes into five 10000000 times

What goes into 75 5 times?

15 goes into 75 five times

How many times does 7 go into 2800?

2800/7 = 400 try looking at it as 28/7 instead, and then adding on the two 00's at the end. 7 goes into 28, four times 28/7=4 therefore: 2800/7=400

How do you wrte asentences for goes?

Four goes into twenty five times.

How many times does 7 into 75?

Seven goes into seventy-five, TEN TIMES with a remainder of FIVE !

How many times does 5 goes into 25?

Exactly five times

What number goes into 343 three times?

Every number from 1 to 114 goes into 343 at least three times. There is no number that goes into 343 three times evenly, with no remainder.

What can go into 5 evenly?

Five is a prime number, so no whole number (other than 1) can go into it evenly. However, 2.5 goes into 5 twice, and 1.25 goes into 5 four times.

Twelve goes into five hundred sixteen how many times?

43 times.

What number goes into 125?

if your looking for a square root it is 11.18 rounded to the nearest hundreth. if you are looking for a factor of 125 it is 25 which goes in 125, five times. hope this helps

What number goes into 98 3 times?

32 goes into 98 - three times.

What number goes into twenty five and five hundred?

1, 5, 25.

What number goes into five and four?

The number is 1.

How many times does 13 go into 44?

Thirteen goes into 44 three times, with a remainder of five

What number times a number goes into 49?


How many times does 0.5 go into 2.5?

0.5 goes into 2.5 five times.

What number goes into 220 and five?

1 and 5.

What prime number goes into 655?

Five and 131.

If you divide 4.25 by 0.25 and get 0.7 what did you do wrong?

When you divide a number you are asking how many times the other number goes into it. 0.25 is a quarter and it goes 4 times into 1. It goes 16 times into 4 and 17 times into 4.25

What is 51 over 10 as a mixed number?

10 goes into 51 five times. so the whole number is 5. 10 times 5 is 50. When ten goes into 51 it leaves one left over which is the top number. Then the denominator (the number on the bottom) stays the same so it is 10. So your answer is 5 1/10.