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I have a cousin in Illinois who is studying algebra in seventh grade

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Q: Is there a state where you do algebra in seventh grade?
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Is ninth grade algebra the same as seventh grade algebra?


What grade does Algebra 2?

If you are intelligient and passed your algebra test in sixth grade,in seventh you will have Algebra 1 .If you pass Algebra 1 in seventh grade there is a possibility that you will get Algebra 2.Depends on what your teacher thinks about your behavior or citizenship.

Where do you learn algebra?

Typically in America algebra is learned in seventh or eighth grade. However, honors students can learn algebra in sixth or seventh grade or even earlier! Nowadays many places offer algebra classes to take outside school or even algebra camps!

Is pre algebra advanced for seventh grade?

I am in 7th grade and I am learning pre-algebra but in my school we learn a grade ahead so I think its not normal for people to learn pre-algebra in 7th grade, but its possible.

What is seventh grade CST subjects?

CST 7th grade subjects are Pre Algebra and English

What grade level learns algebra 1 in Washington state?

the grade that you learn algebra 1 is in the 7th and 8th grade. they split it to two parts algebra A and then Algebra B

What kind of algebra do you learn in seventh grade?

Normally you don't take algebra in 7th grade, but if you place into it you will learn things like slope, simplifying algebraic equations and so on. It is not the easiest thing to do as a seventh grades, as I would know, but it isn't REALLY hard. You just need to pay attention to your teacher.

Is the fifth grade algebra hard?

no it is like 4th grade algebra

What is the correct usage is it on seventh grade or in seventh grade?

The correct usage is in Seventh Grade but to use this properly, you must out it in quotes. In "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto,............

How can you learn algebra easily?

I know this may seem cliche, but practice. Trust me, I practice a lot, and it helps. I got a perfect score on my Algebra exam in seventh grade because I practiced.

When is algebra teached?

Pre Algebra: normally 7th and 8th grade Algebra 1: normally 9th grade

What grade teaches algebra 1?

The grade during which kids learn algebra varies. My first-grade grandson was learning pre-algebra in kindergarten.

What grade is Algebra 1P?

Algebra 1P is a 8th grade math class. Most people keep saying that Algebra 1P is for 9th grade but it isn't in 9th grade it is in 8th grade! I'm in a honor math class, I took Algebra 1P in 7th grade and other student that in regular math class was take it in 8th grade. Only whose who very bad at math have to retake Pre-Algebra in 8th grade or they did Algebra 1P bad in 8th grade and have to retake it in 9th grade. The Regular Schedule Math Class: 7th grade- Pre-Algebra 8th grade- Algebra 1P (Algebra 1A, it is the same but different name) 9th grade- Geometry 10th grade- Algebra 2P 11th grade- Trig. 12th grade- Pre-Calculus The Honor Class Schedule: 7th grade- Algebra 1P 8th grade- Geometry 9th grade- Algebra 2P or Trig. 10th grade- Trig. or Pre-Calculus 11th grade- Pre-Calculus or Calculus 12th grade- Calculus or done!!!

What grade does algebra start?

8th grade

Why arent seventh-grade boys interested in romance?

because their in seventh grade...

Algebra Help?

form_title=Algebra Help form_header=Is your child struggling in algebra? Discover several options to get your chid back on track. Are you interested in hiring an algebra tutor for your child?*= () Yes () No Are you interested in online tutoring or software for algebra?*= () Yes () No What grade is you child in?*= {Pre K, Kindergarden, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade}

What is the average grade of a seventh grader?

do you mean the average height, weight, age or what because usually the average grade of a seventh grader is seventh grade. what are you talking about

How can seventh grade boy dance with a seventh grade girl?

take dance lessons

How many shots do you get at a seventh grade physical?

How many shots do you have to get to go into seventh grade

What grade is Max Keeble in?

seventh grade

Should Fifth Graders be doing Algebra?

no they should be starting pre algebra in 6th grade no they should be starting pre algebra in 6th grade

At what year leaving do we start learning algebra?

I'm in 7th grade And I started algebra in 6th grade. Is that what your looking for??

Will an eighth grade boy ask you out if im in seventh grade?

Sure, a few eighth graders asked me out when I was in seventh grade

Difference between elementary algebra and intermediate algebra?

Elementry Algebra is something that 6th, 7th, 8th and even, 9th graders take.The basic standard is6th grade: Junior High Mathematics7th grade: Transition8th grade: Algebra9th grade: Geometry10th grade: Algebra 211th grade: TrigonometryAnd so on so forth.So the difference is the grades and what level you are in.

When can you start taking algebra one?

Well, in my school most students begin taking Algebra I in eight grade. However, if you are placed in one of the honor classes in seventh grade you take it a year early. But the kids in the honor classes are put under more pressure. The classes are faster and busier.