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0/10 = 0. It is 10/0 which is mathematically undefined.

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Q: Is there a such fraction as zero over ten?
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Is negative nine over Zero a fraction?

-9 over anything but zero is a fraction. Division by zero is undefined.

What is two equivalent fraction for one over ten?

Multiply the numerator (top) and the denominator (bottom) of the fraction by any non-zero number. You will have an equivalent fraction.

What is the answer for this fraction zero over five?


What fractions are equivalent to 9 over ten?

Multiply both the numerator (top) and the denominator (bottom) of the fraction by any non-zero integer. You will have an equivalent fraction.

What is 1 out of ten in a fraction?

one over ten

How do you change ten to a fraction?

Ten over one

Does a fraction represent a number between zero and ten?

yes, a number between 1-99 is a fraction.

What is the answer to ten over zero?

There is no answer. Division by zero is forbidden in mathematics.

What does ten over ten equal?

In fraction terms, a whole

What is 0 over 2?

0. If zero is in any part of a fraction, its zero.

Is zero over one a fraction?

No. It would be 40 over 1.

What is a fraction 0 over 6 equal?


What is the value of the fraction 0 over 8?


What is 0.1 in fraction?

one over ten

What fraction is 6percent?

six over ten

What is the equivalent fraction of two over ten?

one over five

What is the lowest terms of fraction four over twenty?


What is a nonzero fraction?

Any fraction that has a zero as the numerator equals zero. Any fraction that does not have a zero in the numerator would be a nonzero fraction.

Is ten over nine an integer?

no it is an improper fraction

What is 0.0011 as a fraction?

11 over ten thousand

When remainder is zero the improper fraction is?

When the remainder is zero the answer is a whole number. Put that number over 1 for an improper fraction.

What fraction equivalent to 7 over 18?

Multiply top and bottom of a fraction by any number (except zero), and you get an equivalent fraction.

What fraction is equal to 3 and 4 over ten?

34 over 10

How do you convert the fraction eight over ten into a fraction?

to a decimal? 8/10 = 80% = .80

What is 31 over ten as an improper fraction?