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No you Ding-dong!

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Q: Is there a ten thousand dollar bill and five thousand dollar bill with the same serial number?
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What does BC26888873B mean on a 20 dollar bill?

This is the serial number. Each bill has a unique serial number that identifies it.

What is the value of a 1967 Canadian dollar bill with no serial number?

In 1967 Canada printed the dollar bill with no serial number on purpose and instead let the year 1967 substitute for the serial number. This means that your Canadian dollar bill is only worth its face value.

Could there be any US 100 dollar bill with repeated serial number?

Yes there are 100 dollar bill with repeated serial number it has a little star in the end of the number

Can you look up a specific two dollar bill?

You can look up a two dollar bill, but if you mean specific as in serial number, you are the only one that possesses that specific two dollar bill with that certain serial number.

What does the serial number on a dollar bill mean?

The serial number on a dollar bill and other currency refers to the note series, and the Federal Reserve bank that issued the note. The serial number is used to keep track of currency.

What is value of a low serial number dollar bill?

Depends on year and how low the serial number is.

Is a dollar bill with the serial number 88686888 a binary number?


If a dollar is ripped but has 51 percent of the whole dollar and has the serial number is it considered one dollar?

The percentage of a partial bill really has little to do with its value. Any bill is worth its face value if it contains a complete serial number and any part of the other serial number.

WHICH feature on the dollar bill would help you tell you one dollar bill apart from another dollar bill?

The serial number and most times the letter on the bill.

What president was on the one thousand dollar bill?

The President who was on the thousand dollar bill was Grover Cleveland. The President on the five thousand dollar bill was James Madison.

Who is on the fifty thousand dollar bill?

There has never been a fifty thousand dollar bill. A ten thousand dollar bill with Salmon P. Chase on it was the highest.

The worth of 1988 1000 dollar bill Canadian in serial number sequence?

What is 4 1000 canadian dollar bills worth in serial number sequence

What value of the next to the serial number of a 2 dollar bill?


What is value of ten dollar bill with D in serial number?


What is the value of twenty dollar bill serial number C00516535 A?


What colour is a thousand dollar bill?

A thousand dollar bill is almost the same color in likeness to a 1 dollar bill except for darker designs around the bill.

What is a 1934 one thousand dollar bill worth today?

what is a 1934 thousand dollar bill worth

What is worth of 1973 Canadian one dollar bill with red ink serial number?

One dollar

What is a 20 dollar star dollar with serial number 00447425 worth?

The value is more dependent on the year (series) of the bill. The serial number by itself isn't enough information.

Why does the serial number on a dollar bill appear twice?

It is duplicated for security reasons.

How much is a dollar bill missing the serial number and stamp worth?


How much is a dollar bill with a single elevated serial number worth?


What is the value of 1950 100 dollar bill serial number B 19528821 A?

As you have seen in many other postings, a bill's serial number almost never has anything to do with its value.

Serial number q82946910a one dollar bill?

Please post a new question with the bill's seal color, date, and what letter if any is next to the date. A serial number doesn't identify a bill.

How many American presidents are on American money?

Nine former presidents: George Washington (one dollar bill), Thomas Jefferson (two dollar bill), Abraham Lincoln (five dollar bill), Andrew Jackson (twenty dollar bill), Ulysses S. Grant (fifty dollar bill), William McKinley (five hundred dollar bill), Grover Cleveland (one thousand dollar bill), James Madison (five thousand dollar bill), Woodrow Wilson (one hundred thousand dollar bill). Alexander Hamilton is on the ten dollar bill, Benjamin Franklin is on the fifty dollar bill, and Salmon P. Chase is on the ten thousand dollar bill-- but they were not presidents.