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Hopefully not. Anybody who needs to know how to graph this kind of stuff has probably run into it
in connection with a homework assignment, and any website that's worth anything is not going to
waste its resources doing your homework for you, unless you have something it wants.

Do yourself a favor; stay awake in class tomorrow, take a few minutes, and learn how to do these
on your own. It's not hard, and you can do it.

For this particular one:

-x + 2y = 6

Add x to each side:

2y = x + 6

Divide each side by 2:

y = 1/2 x + 3.

Looking at this result, it tells you that the graph is a straight line that intersects the y-axis
at the point [ y = 3 ], and has a slope of 1/2.

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Q: Is there a website that can graph stuff like this for me -x plus 2y equals 6?
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