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Greater than, because 13 is more than half of 25.

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Q: Is thirteen twenty fifths greater than or less than one half?
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Is 10 twenty fifths greater than 1 half?


What is four twenty fifths rounded to the nearest half?

Four twenty-fifths rounded to the nearest half is 0.0

What fraction is greater than two fifths?

There are infinitely many fractions greater than two fifths; the most obvious answer would be three fifths. A half is also greater than two fifths.

Which is greater one half or two fifths?

one half is greater one half = 0.5 two fifths = 0.4 0.5 is bigger than 0.4

Is 1 half greater then 3 thirteen?


Is twenty two over twenty five greater than one half?

Half of 25 is 12.5 so 12.5/25 would equal a half, so 22/25 must be greater than one half.

Is seven twenty fourths greater than or less than one half?


What is one half divided by two twenty-fifths?

1/2 divided by 2/25 is 6.25

Is four fifths greater than half?

Yes, Now stop cheating lil' kid.

What is larger one half or 3 fifths?

It is: 3/5 is greater than 1/2

Is one half greater or smaller than three fifths?

One half refers to 0.5 mathematically whereas three fifths refers to 0.6 and hence one half is smaller than three fifths.

Which is bigger 1 half or 2 fifths?

One half is bigger than two fifths because two fifths just before 2.5 fifths which is half.

Is thirteen twenty-fourths bigger or smaller than one half?

smaller because one half would be 50.0 and that is only 13.24

What is half of four-fifths?

Two-fifths.Half of four is two, so half of four-fifths is two-fifths.

Is a half and three-fifths equal to or less or greater to?

1/2 is less than 3/5

Is four fifths smaller than a half?

No because 4/5 is greater than a 1/2

Which is greater one half or three fifths?

three fifths. it can be 6/10. if you put one half in those terms of multiplying by 10 it would be 5/10.

Is there a exact number of fifths to equal a half?

Yes, exactly 2 and a half fifths make up a half.Yes, exactly 2 and a half fifths make up a half.Yes, exactly 2 and a half fifths make up a half.Yes, exactly 2 and a half fifths make up a half.

What is greater two and a half inches or twenty six inches?

26 inches

Is 2 fifths less then 4 fifths?

Yes, 2 fifths is half of 4 fifths.

What is the decimal form of thirteen and a half?

thirteen and a half = 13.5

Is four fifths greater than or less than three sixths?

4 is more than half of 5, while 3 is half of 6. Therefore 4/5 is greater than 3/6.

Is three fifths bigger than a half?

Three fifths is bigger than one half. Two fifths is smaller than one half.

Is one half least greastest or equal to two fifths?

1/2 is greater than 2/5 :D

What is 1and a half multiplied by 2 fifths?

one and a half multiplied by two fifths = 0.6