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That's a horizontal line.

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Q: Is this vertical or horzational y equals -4?
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Why is x equals equals 4 a vertical line?

That would be because all the graphed values of x are 4. So you can plug anything in for Y and it will still be on that vertical line.

Why is the line x equals 4 a vertical line?

Every point on the line has coordinates of the form (4, y) for different values of y. On a standrad coordinate graph, this will appear as a vertical line.

The equation y - 4 equals 0 represents a vertical line?

No. It represents a horizontal line.

How do you graph x minus y equals 4 and x minus 3y equals 4?

If: x-y = 4 and x-3y = 4 Then by solving the simultaneous equations: x = 4 and y = 0 So the lines intersect at (4, 0) which will be a vertical straight line

Is y equals 2 a vertical line?

y=2 is actually a horizontal line. x=2 is vertical.

X equals 4 graph equation and plot points?

X = 4 is a vertical line, 4 units to the right of the y-axis.

Which function has the following a vertical asymptote at x equals -4 horizontal asymptote at y equals 0 and a removable discontinuity at x equals 1?


What is the slope of the line with equation x equals 4?

x = 4 is a straight line that is vertical when plotted on the xy graph, where y is the vertical axis and x is the horizontal axis. A vertical line has an infinite slope; the slope is infinity

Which type of lines are these y equals 2x and y equals 2x-1?

They are parallel lines with a vertical separation of 1.

Is y equals 7 horinzontal or vertical?

y= vetically :D x= horizontlly

Write the equations for a vertical and horizontal line passing through 5 and 4.?

Vertical: x = 5Horizontal: y = 4Vertical: x = 5Horizontal: y = 4Vertical: x = 5Horizontal: y = 4Vertical: x = 5Horizontal: y = 4

What does the y equal in y-5 equals -4?