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three liters are more than a gallon

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Q: Is three liters more than or less than 1 gallon?
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Is 3 liters over a gallon?

Yes. Three US gallons is 11.3562 liters.

Is 1 gallon more or less than 4 liters?

Less. A gallon is 128 ounces while 4 liters is a little over 135 ounces.

Is1gallon of gasoline more or less than 4 liters of gasoline?

One gallon equals 4 quarts. Four liters equals 4.2 quarts. Therefore, one gallon is slightly less than four liters.

What is more 2 liters or a gallon?

A gallon is more than 2 liters.

What is more 1 gallon or liters?

A gallon is more than 3 liters 1 US gallon is equal to about 3.785 liters. 1 Imperial gallons is equal to about 4.546 liters.

Is 1 gallon of gasoline more or less than 4 liters?

1 US fluid gallon is 5.36% less than 4 liters, and it doesn't matter what's in it.It could even be empty and the number would still be the same.

Which is more volume 2 liters or half gallon?

Two liters has more volume than 1/2 US gallon.

Which is bigger 1 gallon or 10 liters?

10 liters is more.

Could you pour 2 liters of soda into a gallon jug?

Yes, a gallon is more than 2 liters.

Is a gallon more than 5 liters?

This depends on the type of gallon. They are approximately equal. 1 US Gallon = 3.785 liters < 4 liters < 4.546 liters = 1 Imperial gallon 4 liters = 1.057 US gallons = 0.880 imperial gallons

How many US gallons are in 1.75 liters?

no. U.S. gallons are different from imperial gallons. 1 Imperial gallon is equal to 4.54609188 litres and 1 US gallon is equal to 3.78541178 litres. Liters on the other hand are the same everywhere. One liter equals 0.26 U.S. gallon or 0.219 Imperial gallon.

What is bigger a liter or a gallon?

A gallon is about 3.8 liters - a gallon is bigger.