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Q: Is tree froths bigger than two thirds?
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Is a dinosaur bigger than a tree?

It depends what dinosaur and what type of tree

Which have bigger leaves banana tree or horse chestnut tree?

A banana is not a tree but a herb. The banana leaves are bigger than the horse chestnut leaves.

Does a banana tree have bigger leaves than a horse chestnut tree?

A horse chestnut tree!

Is an elder tree larger than a oak tree?

No. A mature oak will always be much bigger than an elder.

How big is the biggest tree?

bigger than a skysraper

Do bigger seeds grow bigger plants than small seeds?

Not necessarily - for example an avocado seed is much bigger than an acorn seed but the avocado tree is a whole lot smaller than an Oak tree. Great oaks from little acorns grow.

What is the kapok tree bigger than?


Is a redwood tree longer than a blue whale if lied down flat?

a blue whale is bigger than a redwood tree

Is tree thirds an improper fraction?

No because three thirds = 3/3 = 1

Who is better then god who is eviler than the devil who is bigger then a tree who is smaller than a mouse?


Is the haiku tree bigger than a house?

Bigger than a house? Haiku is universal... if you don't write small...

What was the first elephant?

The fist elephannt was no bigger than a tree [and I'm not kidding].

What is the street name for when your balls are bigger than your penis?


Are male tree frogs bigger than female tree frogs?

This depends greatly on the species of the tree frog. Generally males are smaller than females, though, with most frog/toad species. :3

What is smaller a squirrels nest or a rats?

I say that a squirrels nest is smaller because a squirrels nest is up in a tree. A rats nest is bigger because they usally live underground which is bigger than a tree.

Do tree rings get bigger when they age?

No, the rings don't grow bigger after they're formed; they aren't part of the tree that's growing anymore. However, the newer rings will have a larger circumference than the previous.

What does angles represent on a Christmas tree?

Well, the angles represent the tree's health. A tree with more acute angles is less healthy than a tree with bigger angles. It all depends on the angle.

How can a redwood tree grow so bid than a dandelion?

how can a redwood grow so much bigger than a dandelion

What is two and tree thirds times one half?


What is the difference between tree and shrub?

A tree is bigger than a shrub and a bush is smaller than a shrub. (but some trees could be smaller than a shrub) A tree has one main trunk. A bush and shrub have many branches or stems coming out of the root.

What tree has silver - gray bark?

The Silver Birch Tree. The beech Fagus sylvatica also has silver grey bark but is much bigger than the birch.

Do cane toads eat green tree frogs?

well in some causes yes they do if its not bigger than them they will go for it

How big can a pear tree grow?

a pear tree can grow big but an appe tree is bigger

Is four elevenths bigger then tree sevenths?

If you mean 3/7 then 3/7 is greater than 4/11

How do you tell the difference between a male tree frog and a female tree frog?

Male tree frogs at the bottom of both sides have sound in the oral capsule, can issue a loud noise。And the male's bodies are bigger than the female's.