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Quadratic - the degree is two.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Is y equals x-xsquared plus 3 quadratic or linear?
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Is 2x2 plus 7 equals 79 linear or quadratic?

It is a quadratic equation that has 2 solutions

Is y equals x2 plus 4 a linear equation?

It is linear in y, quadratic in x. Generally, that would be considered a quadratic.

What is y equals 5x plus 2 a linear or quadratic?

It is the linear equation of a straight line.

Is 3x plus 27 equals 8 a quadratic function?

No it is a linear one. X^2 = quadratic, x = linear. So if the equation doesn't have an x squared, then it is not quadratic.

What is y equals -02 equals x squared plus x plus 4?

Two equations: a linear one in y and a quadratic in x.

Is 4y squared plus 9 equals - 4 a linear equation?

No. It's a quadratic equation, and it has two solutions.

Is x squared plus 7x-30 equals 0 a linear equation?

No, It's a a quadratic equation because you have X squared.

Is y equals x2 plus 2 a linear equation?

No, y=x^2 + 2 is a quadratic equation. A linear equation is one in the form y=mx+b. A quadratic has a form y=ax^2+bx+c.

Is yx plus 4 linear or quadratic?

Neither. It is a family of hyperbolae.

What is ww plus 97 equals 133?

It is either a linear equation in a variable ww or a quadratic equation in a variable w, (with ww denoting w2).

Is this equation a quadriatic equation 3xยณ plus 2x equals -3?

no only equations with x2 and lower powers can be considered quadratic. those with x3 cannot be considered quadratic, just as x2 cannot be considered linear

Is 3x plus 2 equals 0 linear or nonlinear?

It is linear.

Is 5xy plus 2x plus 1 equals 0 a quadratic equation?


What is -2x squared plus 3x plus 5 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation.

The position of an object starting from rest is described by the equation x equals 0.5at2 where x and t are measured variables Determine a based on the equation y equals mx plus b?

X equals 0.5at squared is a quadratic equation. It describes a parabola. Y equals mx plus b is a linear equation. It describes a line. You cannot describe a parabola with a linear equation.

What is 9x2 equals 10x plus 2?

It is a quadratic equation and its solutions can be found by using the quadratic equation formula.

Is -2x squared plus 2x plus 1 equals 9 a quadratic equation?

Yes it is. The thing that makes it a quadratic equation is that "x squared" in there.

Is 3x4 plus 2x plus 5 equals 0 a quadratic equation?

No. It is a quartic equation. The largest power of x in a quadratic equation must be 2.

Is x squared plus 3x -y 8 a linear equation?


Is y equals 5x plus x squared a quadratic relationship?


Y equals x2 plus 3x plus 2?

is a quadratic equation for y, in terms of x.

What is 5x squared plus 3x plus 8 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation in the variable x.

What is the function y equals ax2 plus bx plus c?

It is a quadratic function which represents a parabola.

What is the solution to the quadratic equation x2 plus 10x plus 25 equals 7?

Using the quadratic equation formula: x = -5-/+ the square root of 7

Is x plus 3xy equals 9 a linear equation?