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An average speed of 40 miles per hour.

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Q: Jill drove to the amusement park It took her 2.5 hours to travel the 100 miles What was her speed?
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Juan drove 275 miles in 5 hours how much will he travel in the next 3 hours?

He would travel 3/5 of that or 165 miles.

How many miles did a truck travel if they drove for 13 hours?

That would depend on the average speed. If the average is 50 mph, they drove 650 miles.

If you drove 200 miles in 24 hours how fast were you driving?

About 8.3 mph at that rate of travel.

What distance would Mario travel if he drove for 4.75 hours at 70miles per hour?

332.5 miles

How far would you travel if you drove at a speed of 35mph for 2 hours?

If you drove 35 mph for 2 hours, you would drive 70 miles. 35 X 2 = 70.

How far would you travel if you drove 60 miles per hour for 3 hours?

180 miles (60 x 3 = 180).

Cheryl drove 4 hours at a constant rate to travel 160 miles. At what rate did she drive?

40 mph

Harry drove 312 miles on first day in 6 hours how far will he travel next day if drives 8 hours?


How many miles did Lydia drive if she drove 180 miles for 3 hours on Tuesday then drove 7 more hours at that rate?

Lydia's speed on Tuesday was 180 miles divided by 3 hours, or 60 mph. If she then drove 7 hours at 60 mph, she drove 420 miles. Altogether, she drove 420 + 180 or 600 miles.

On the first day of their vacation the Morales family drove 312 miles in 6 hours at that rate how far will they travel the next day if they drive for 8 hours?

416 miles

Samantha drove from Sioux City to Council Bluffs in 3.3 hours averaging 62 miles per hour How many miles did she travel?


How many miles did you drive if you drove 30 miles per hour for .75 hours and 55 miles per hour for 1.25 hours?

You drove 91.25 miles.