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Lydia's speed on Tuesday was 180 miles divided by 3 hours, or 60 mph. If she then drove 7 hours at 60 mph, she drove 420 miles. Altogether, she drove 420 + 180 or 600 miles.

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Q: How many miles did Lydia drive if she drove 180 miles for 3 hours on Tuesday then drove 7 more hours at that rate?
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I drove that route a few years ago. It was about 5 hours.

If you ride 120 miles south at 60 mph how many hours did you drive?

You drove for two hours.

How many miles did you drive if you drove 30 miles per hour for .75 hours and 55 miles per hour for 1.25 hours?

You drove 91.25 miles.

Matt drove for three hours at 65 mph How far did he drive?

if he drove for 3 hours and drove at 65 miles per hour then 65 x 3= 195 miles the answer is 195 miles! A.KISS

How many hours would it take you drive 265 miles if you drove 60mph?

4 hours 25 minutes !

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The answer is 224/4 = 56 miles per hour

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If you drove 35 mph for 2 hours, you would drive 70 miles. 35 X 2 = 70.

If you drove 40 mph for 55 miles how long did you drive for 5 hours?

The answer is in the "Miles per hour" (Mph) you drove. If you drove 40 Mph, then in one hour you would have driven 40 miles. Therefore, in five hours, at the constant speed of 40 Mph, you would have drive 200 miles.

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