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Q: Joe was paid 245.00 for work at 7.00 an hour How many hours did he work?
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How much does a peramedic get paid?

This is depending on how many hours they work and what they get paid an hour.

What do i get paid an hour if i get paid by the day?

It depends on your hours- what are they?

You get paid 12.65 for 7 hours a day you should be paid for 7.5 hours a day you worked a total of 307 hours What is the dollar amount owed to you?

If you got paid $12.65 for 7 hours of work, then your hourly rate is: $1.80 per hour. 7.5 hours at $1.80 per hour, you should be paid: $13.55. 307 hours at $1.80 per hour, you should be paid: $552.60. This seems like a low rate. Did you mean you mean $12.65 per hour? If so, 7.5 hours at $12.65 per hour is $94.88. 307 hours at $12.65 per hour is $3883.55.

How many hours do you work when you do forensic science?

17 hours on days that they work. If they are not working, they still get paid by the hour.

How many hours do you work if you get paid ten dollars an hour?

You can work as long or short but probalty 25 hours a week

How many total hours did an employee worked if she is paid 400 at 10 per hour for two weeks?

40 hours

Ted worked 35 hours last week he was paid 297.50 how much was he paid per hour?

He was paid $8.50 per hour.

What is 32 dollars per hour monthly?

The answer depends on how many paid hours per month.

How much will you get paid if you work 7 hours and get paid 6.55 in hour?


How many hours do you get paid for when called in to work for one hour?

Depends on what your deal with your employer is, some have a minimum rate of 3 hours.

N of the 50 hours John worked this week was paid 12.00 per hour He was paid 8.00 per hour for the other hours he worked He made 200.00 less during these N hours than he made during the other hours?

10 hours at $12.00/hour 40 hours at $8.00/hours

If you work for 8 hours on a Saturday and get paid 7.50 per hour what will i get paid?

You will get paid nothing because "I" worked, not you, for 8 hour on Saturday and got paid $7.50 per hour for a total of $60 dollars.

How much does a contractor get paid by the hour?

well it is a career. you get paid by salary not. not the hours you work.

How much do you get paid at Dollar General?

7.35 per hour and depending on how many hours u worked

How many hours did Leo work last week if he gets paid 4 dollars an hour?

Not enough.

How many money does a physician get paid each hour?

you get paid $120.00 an hour

How many hours do you work if you get paid 375 at 12.50 an hour?

time = pay/rate → time = 375 ÷ 12.50 per hour = 30 hrs.

If a seamstress is paid 785 per hour and works 1875 hours in one week how much is she paid for that week?

In order to solve this problem, all you have to do is multiply the amount she gets per hour by how many hours she works: 785 x 1875 = 1471875.

What is the monthly salory for a welder?

it depends on how many hours they work which they can get paid around 15 to 100 dollars an hour.

What is your weekly income if your hourly payment is 20 dollar per hour?

It depends on how many hours you are paid for in a week.

How much is 16.34 per hour annually?

It all depends on how many hours a day/week/month you get paid for. Presumably, you don't get paid for when you are at home sleeping!

If you work 20 hours per week what would you get paid?

It depends on what your job is and how much you get paid per hour.

If a worker is paid 4.16 per hour and works 8.5 hours in one week how much is she paid for that week?

They will get paid $35.36 for that week.

What should a babysitter get paid?

IT DEPENDS ON HOW MANY HOURS YOU BABY SIT say i would say 10 dollars per hour!

How much a year is 30.00 an hour?

62,400 per year for a 40-hour week... assuming you get paid every week (including holidays)